It's That Time Again

It's that time of year again; time to celebrate either another year, or your first year of being together. Once you've been with a person you love, it can seem like time is flying, life has never been so good! When you were first together, you wanted nothing but to spend time with him, getting to know your knight in shining armor. And when you were apart, you'd do nothing but think of him, calling him every chance you got (thank God for unlimited minutes!). How could this person ignite all these wonderful feelings so easily? But now the anniversary comes, and it's time to celebrate the day you two met, a day that has brought all this happiness to the both of you and therefore is worthy of remembrance. If you're searching for anniversary gifts for a boyfriend, there are plenty of routes you can take. You can go the lovey-dovey route and get something that just oozes emotion and feelings. But if he's not that type of guy, you could give something practical that can be used to improve his daily life - grooming products, gadgets, tools - anything that can be used to either fix something, or better himself. You could also take the simple path with gift-giving symbolizing that his most precious gift is the one staring right at him. So if you need a few suggestions on anniversary gifts for a boyfriend, continue reading.


You could go the simple route if the two of you hadn't been together too long, or are just not that "type" of couple. You don't want something from the dollar store or anything, it has to have value to it, but things like money clips, bracelets, and keychains can be adequate anniversary gifts for your boyfriend. Keep in mind these aren't your plastic items that can be found at checkout. There are stainless steel, high-quality gifts that are a bit more expensive than the generic brand, but offer a stylish, yet simple, way of showing your appreciation to your boyfriend. You can find these at jewelry or department stores, and they can be a definite sure-win for your boyfriend.


A gift that's either useful in a trade, can meet any needs he may have, or simply make life easier would also make a good anniversary gift for a boyfriend. Shaving supplies, tool kits, and gadgets all fall under this category. If he has a nice car that he religiously washes once a week, maybe get him a miniature vacuum that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter (the Black & Decker PAV1200W is a highly reviewed one on Amazon). Does he have all the latest electronics that you'd need a crowbar to pry him away from? Then maybe a few accessories for his gadgets would be adequate gift ideas. And if he has a craft or a hobby he enjoys working on, then of course you'd use that for inspiration when gift shopping. Giving your boyfriend something that he can use on one of the hobbies he spends time on will remind him of how in-tuned you two are, and may throw the whole men are for Mars and women are from Venus concept out of the window - at least for a little bit.

what I love about you


If you're the type of couple who need physical contact 24/7; always holding hands at a mall or a park, unashamed of the love you two share; perform various public displays of affection (PDA), and get in constant battles of who's hanging up first, then anniversary gifts that are flirtatious in nature, gushing with passion and romance will definitely be well-received. If you've been together awhile, there are many journal type books you can find which allow you to share your memories of the relationship - all the ups and downs, unforgettable vacations spent together, what the other was thinking during the courting process - anything that you want to share with the man you love. He will be able to read it and cherish all the words you've written as well as writing down his own thoughts so the two of you can have a special book full of memories that can be used to spice of the romance years down the road. There are also puzzle piece jewelry that you can find that symbolize you two aren't complete without the other.

A Sure-Thing

Whether the man you're shopping for is the lovey-dovey type, likes to keep things simple, or is a practical kind of guy, these gift should be well-received. Also, they can double as birthday gifts for your boyfriend. Of course, if you're still having trouble finding an anniversary gift for your boyfriend, you could always go with the a sure-thing and purchase a gift card to a hardware or electronic store. With the right amount on it, you might get a proposal. Anyway, good luck and happy anniversary!