Imagine yourself at the movie theaters, getting ready to watch a film you have been anticpating for several months. And as soon as the previews start a group of kids sit directly behind you. My natural instinct is to think " they're going to talk the whole time". I guess in my experience this has happened a lot in the past, so this is why it is my first instinct. I know it is not very nice to judge people without giving them a chance, but when it comes to movies I would rather not take the risk. I am one of those movie goers that enjoys a movie ONLY when other people around me are respectful. I honestly cannot enjoy a movie if those around me are talking or distracting me in some way. So when someone that I think may ruin the movie for me, I will avoid this by any means...

Movie Going Etiquette

There are certain rules that apply when watching a film in the theaters in respect to your fellow movie goers.

1. Don't talk loudly: You are allowed to talk in the theaters of course, but you should lower you voice so that only the person you are talking can hear you. I honestly don't mind whispers because you are then trying to be quiet, which is polite. It is really annoying to hear people say "DONT GO IN THERE!!!" or "THATS NOT GOOD!!", why is this annoying? Firstly, you are talking to yourself and it isn't necessary to speak out loud, you have a brain to speak to yourself.

2. Turn off the cell phone: Seriously, there is a reason the theaters play that "Turn off cell phones" clip during the previews. It really annoys is just rude and inconsiderate for people that paid money to enjoy a film. Sometimes this happens by accident and I understand that, but save you and everyone else the trouble and leave it in the car.

3. Bring Kids to Kid movies: I understand that kids enjoy movies too, but you really have no business bringing an 6 year old to movies like Avatar or Inception. Maybe, when the movie has been released for awhile. Kids like to kick seats, talk, complain, and even cry. Please don't ruin the movie I paid for by bringing your child who really has no interest in watching the movie. Unless you are completely confident that your child will pay attention and follow these unwritten rules, save us the trouble of having to watch this again.

4. Open it already!: This is rare, but sometimes people tend to have trouble opening candy or whatever they buy at the vendor and are extremely noisy doing so. It really isn't too bad, but I would rather you stop trying to be quiet and  just do it already, because your really not quiet at all.


What happens next?

Well, if you happen to find yourself in one of these situations where you have person that is being rude here is what you do.

1. Ask them to stop: This is not for everyone, sometimes this can result into an argument, believe me I know. But usually the person will knock it off if you just ask. But taking into account that the person does not attempt to try and be considerate, what are the odds that they will actually take your request into account. I would skip this step, but that is because I am a very polite person and don't care for confrontations unless completely necessary.

2. Tattle Tale on them: It is very simple to just go and tell one of the managers or workers of their behavior and they should take care of it asap....that is their job....they do it all the time. This can result in a better movie experience and you can decide whether to ask for a free movie pass and just watch it another time. I have gotten refunds because of other customers....sometimes it is worth it.

3. Give the person "You are distracting me" look: Sometimes you can just look at people and they will catch themselves and keep it down. When someone is talking loudly and laughing at inappropriate times during the film, which probably has nothing to do with the film, just lean in their direction and give them concerned stare for a second. This sometimes works, and is simple.

4. Move to a different seat: Usually you can spot out the blabbers before the movie starts, as they are usually young and/or in groups of 3 or more. I believe there is no way to tell by race, my friend is black/mexican and he is the most ethical movie goer I know, plus in my experience it is just the young or inconsiderate folks, it has nothing to do with race in my opinion. If you know or have a feeling that people are going to talk, just move to a different seat before the film starts.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Leave your comments below.