Every game has features that some people love, but other people absolutely hate. However, in certain games there are features that everybody agrees are really rather pointless. "I really like having Roman call me every five minutes in grand Theft Auto 4." Said no one ever. It is features like that that really add seemingly nothing to a game other than to annoy you.

collect all the things


You are pretty much done with a game, but the progress tracker says you are only around half way through with the game. Why? Because you still have to cruise around the open world and collect butterflies or pick up certain kind of rocks. Collectibles are the game developers way of praying on the perfectionists weakness of needing to have game completion and keep them playing their game for longer. It's a way of adding content to a game without actually adding anything. Usually if you are compulsively driven to complete these collectible gatherings, you won't get anything. No amazing sword or hand cannon. Just another pointless achievement. Allow me to be old for a second, but I remember when gaming was more about amazing stories and gameplay and not achievements.

Death Streaks in the Call of Duty Franchise

We live in a world where people have such fragile psyches that we have to award them for being bad at a game. From what I have understood, they added death streaks to make the game more balanced.  Compared to the rewards of killing several people in a row, the perks of dying several times in a row are just underpowered and pointless. Except for Martyrdom, that was just a fun way to blow some time when you've become bored of the game. However, what death streaks really do is punish people who are not terrible at Call of Duty by maybe possibly giving some hardcore Call of Duty fans' girlfriend a chance to kill you so she doesn't rage quit and make her boyfriend stop playing.

chopping wood in skyrim

Chopping Wood in Skyrim

The whole concept of wood cutting was a major trap in Skyrim. They placed the concept right near the beginning of the game as a way for gamers to make easy money. The gamers are like "Oh, cool, I can just leave my characters here to chop wood until my backpack is full."

But nope! Here is where the trap kicks in. Your character will only chop three pieces of wood and then stop. Clearly Bethesda did this by design to waste some time. Possibly they did this to stretch the game out for hardcore grinders. How did they know I am used to doing extremely repetitive tasks for gold from years of playing MMO's? HOW DID YOU KNOW!? Don't fall into the trap. Just keep on walking by the saw mill.

Announcements During Halo

Every first person shooter needs some kind of announcement. It helps you know when you are losing. However, Halo has announcements for EVERYTHING. Gained the lead, lost the lead, double kill, killing spree, Noobkillerxx2 has fallen off the map, SuperNub912 has hidden in the corner to go to the bathroom! Okay, so those last two are not real, but still. It is quite funny to just listen to the Halo announcements during a really intense match, the announcements will sometimes cut each other off, making the announcer sound like some confused and frantic schizophrenic. The announcements might be bearable if they only announced some things, not every single thing it possibly could.

gta cell phone

The Cell Phone in Grand Theft Auto

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, they introduced a new feature to the Grand theft Auto to keep it modern--the cell phone. This provided a way for your acquaintances to call you and give you some direction on where the next mission was. It was useful, yet not annoying. However, in Grand Theft Auto 4 it shifted. Someone at Rockstar apparently decided that instead of letting your friends only call you with important information, they would let NPCs call you and ask you if you wanted to hang out.

Finally, my friends in Grand Theft Auto 4 could be as annoying as my friends in real life!

You are now constantly berated with your cousin and other friends calling you asking if you want to go for drinks, go bowling, play some darts, ect. It's not just your partners in crime either, you will also be pestered by your in-game girlfriend who will get mad if you do not take her on enough dates. Though to be fair, your partners in crime will also get fussy if you refuse to hang out with them. Having friends is just stressful and when you realize you are getting stressed out about fake friends in a fictional game, you will realize how pointless that cell phone is.

Cut Scenes You Cannot Skip

This is probably a gamers' biggest pet peeve about any game. Gamers don't have rights in the gaming industry, but if we did we would rally for the right to skip cut scenes! Cut scenes can be interesting and informative about the games' story, but only the first time around. It is acceptable to make a player watch the cut scene once, but making them watch through it every time is inhumane. This holds true especially if you died or are replaying the game for a second time.

evolving pokemon

Trading to Evolve Pokemon

How does trading your Pokemon with a friend to make them evolve make any sort of sense? It doesn't. This is was just a cheap ploy by Nintendo to take some more of your money. In order to trade Pokemon you need at least two gameboys, two versions of Pokemon, and a cord to connect the gameboys. Alternatively, you could cut down on costs by having a friend with some of these things, but still. The fact that this is a ploy for money is supported further still by making awesome Pokemon like Alakazam only able to be evolved via this method. Oh, Nintendo, why did you have to make it so shameful for adults like me to go ask people for their gameboy so I can evolve my Pokemon.