Buying for men isn't always easy to do, but with care you can find the perfect Valentine's day gift ideas for boyfriend. There are many different choices for you to choose from and taking a few minutes to think about what your guy likes will help you to find the perfect choice. Here are a few Valentine's day gift ideas for boyfriend to get you started.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #1 - Reminders.
Most men aren't really that sentimental. However, there are some that are. If your man is then you may want to consider giving him something that is a reminder of you. One great option is to make a scrapbook of your relationship for him. You can also consider giving a framed picture or write a poem that will remind him of you.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #2 - Watches.
Another great gift is to pick out a watch for your guy. There are lots of really nice choices in this category and you can choose one that fits his personality. If he is laid back and very casual you can get him a digital watch with cool features. If he likes to dress up and look nice then a fancy gold or silver watch is likely to be the way to go. Either way you can find a great watch that fits his personality and his style.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #3 - Phone.
Every one loves a new phone and this can make a great option for your boyfriend. Find out what carrier he has and choose a phone that will work with that company. Then find one with all the cool features that you can afford. Sometimes this isn't much, but you can make your money go farther by looking at Craigslist and eBay for used phones.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #4 - Sports.
If your man is into sports there are a huge variety of gift options. You only need to find the one idea that will really work for your budget and his tastes. Consider season tickets if you can afford them. If you can't you may want to get him fan merchandise, a single ticket to the game, or the sports channel added to his cable.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #5 - Exercise.
If your guy is into exercise and fitness there are several options. You can get him a tool or accessory that fits his lifestyle such as a new heart monitor, a fancy water bottle complete with filter, or new dumbbells. Other options include fitness magazine subscriptions, books on exercise, or even a gym membership.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #6 - Accessories.
The title accessories is really a huge category, but that's because with a little thought you can find millions of things that will work for this. Some examples include new headphones for his iPod, a headset for his phone, a remote control for his favorite game system, or an accessory for his car. The options really are endless!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #7 - Custom T-Shirt.
Some guys always wear t-shirts and others only wear them when they are relaxing. However, there are very few guys that never wear a t-shirt. Pick out a t-shirt that says something about him or make your own custom design. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you are really putting some thought into it and making a shirt that he will like.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #8 - Trip.
Trips make great Valentine's day gifts for everyone or anyone. This will really depend on his tastes, his time off, and your budget. Some great trip ideas include a day trip to a neighboring city with different things to do, a camping weekend out of town, or a vacation. Get creative and try to find something that he has never done before, but make sure it is something he likes. For example, if he hates skiing then a skiing trip is out even if it is something he has never done before.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #9 - Books and Magazines.
Books and magazines can fall into many other categories, but they can make great gifts. You can choose books and magazines that fit their hobbies and lifestyles such as sports magazines, health books, or books and magazines based on hobbies. However, you can also get best sellers and classics for the avid reader.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend #10 - Wallet.
Most guys hang onto items way too long and this usually includes their wallets. This is especially true since it isn't normally seen. However, you can give him a great wallet and he is sure to love it. Consider finding a good quality one and make sure it fits his current style such as a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet. Remember that pockets are always a good thing!

While men may not always be easy to buy for there are a lot of great options for Valentine's day gift ideas for boyfriend. Just make sure you are thinking about what he will like and you are sure to find that perfect gift. For more ideas check out 10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend.