Have An Ebook That You Are Trying To Sell?

After writing an ebook in 2008, I tried to sell my ebook from my newly launched website. This was an epic fail. Although, many so-called internet gurus will tell you different, selling an eBook from your own website is difficult if you are new and have no reputation. In order to sell anything online the customer has to have some level of trust in you.

One of the best ways to sell your ebook online if you have no reputation is to sell through an online bookstores like:

Barnes And Noble

You should really consider selling from these platforms because they have tons of customers who have bought products using their storefront. Most importantly, their customers trust them. If customers see your ebook listed in Amazon, then they are more likely to buy than if your ebook was being sold from a newly established website.

The Problem With Selling Ebooks On Ebay

It is fairly simple to get your ebooks listed on Amazon, E-Junkie, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

However, selling ebooks on Ebay is highly restrictive. Here are the restrictions, problems, and additional steps that you will encounter if you want to sell your ebook on Ebay:

  • You can only list your ebook in the classifieds ads section.
  • You do not receive feedback from sales through classifieds so you cannot build up trust.
  • The eBook cannot be listed in a regular category.
  • If you want to sell your ebook in a regular category, then you will have to mail a physical copy of your book to Ebay.
  • Ebay will not accept a copy of your ebook through email or any other digital delivery method.

So if you have an ebook that is ready to be sold on Ebay, you will have to wait until Ebay approves your ebook to be listed. 

The Solution To The Problem

The way to get around this problem is to put your ebook on a CD. Basically, you would put your ebook pdf file on a data cd. At this point, your digital product is a physical product. Another thing that you can do is convert your ebook into an html.exe file and put it on a CD. So instead of listing your product in the classifieds section you can list it as a software CD or book on a CD.

How To Distribute Your Digital Products

So how are you suppose to put your ebook on a CD? And more importantly, how are you going to get it to your customers?

There are two services that you can use which require no start-up costs and they offer print-on-demand service. These two services are called Kunaki and CD-Fulfillment. These two companies will manufacture your CD or DVD, package it, and ship it directly to your customer.

So now you can add Ebay to your list of ebook distributors along with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s very simple to implement with little cost on your part.