Anri Montsalvat Chess Sets

Skilled craftsman create Anri Motsalvat chess sets. Anri’s reputation for woodwork comes from over a hundred years of fine wood products. These works of art are often purchased by the wealthy and represent both a tremendous achievement and investment. Collectors seek out different eras of figurines and extensively catalogue the artist who built them. Among the finest creations have been their chess sets. The Motsalvat theme bears the name of the city containing the Holy Grail in Arthurian legend; the pieces resemble the characters from said story. 


The Anri Mostalvat chess set suffers from the issue of not being widely available. With handcrafted pieces individually pained the prices are very high. The collectors have documented who made what collection and their values vary so. The figurine sets are no longer produced increasing their rarity. Auction sites and used specialist are the way to find them the quickest. Unfortunately be ready to pay in the range of several thousands of dollars for a single Anri Motsalvat chess set.


If the price range reaches too high other options are available. Anri Motsalvat chess sets are models for several lines of inexpensive plastic groups. These are widely available and quite affordable. Typically they are not painted and only come in the traditional white/cream and black colors. While not an investment the Anri Motsalvat replica chess sets make for an excellent play collection. They also save significant amounts of money.

Second hand

If you think you have found an Anri Montsalvat chess set find an appraiser. Originals go for several thousands of dollars. Remember that all collections include a box which contained the board and pieces. These were each individually made and many have variants that were highly specific. Someone ordering the pieces got to specify any particular unique properties. Also the paint greatly affects the value as unused pieces show little wear and tear thus increasing the value. An entire multitude of different themes reflected different regions throughout the country thus adding to the potential variants.

The Wood Masters

Anri Montsalvat established their reputation for master wood making. All kinds of products displayed their mastery. Whether you get a reproduction or original chess set you own a piece of history. Over decades the finely skilled makers established reputations in their own rights. Anri Montsalvat chess sets are now reproduced throughout the world with inexpensive replicas that save the budget.