Labor law is different from employment law because the former covers the relationship between organized unions, employers, and ordinary employees.

Unions allowed employees to work in a better workplace and enabled them to bargain for benefits and certain rights. Through it, employees were given the right to participate in different activities like striking or picketing. However, employers were also allowed to create a lockout or seek injunction whenever a labor law dispute arises.

Labor law is complex and it covers different issues, including ones that are concerned with labor unions.

In order to have a deeper understanding of labor law, here are some FAQs that are related to it:

Q: What can I do if my employer suddenly fires me without a valid reason?

A: You may file a wrongful termination case against your employer if you feel that you were terminated due to illegal reasons.

Q: I am planning to terminate an employee though there is an existing contract, which states that his employment period will last until the following year. What should I do?

A: You can be sued for breach of employment contract if you failed to follow the terms or provisions that are included in it. If you really want to fire a certain employee, it is advisable that you talk to him and ask if he is willing to waive his right to sue in exchange of a severance package.

Q: I want to build up a good working relationship with my employees so that we can all be productive in the workplace. How can I make a good work environment?

A: Having a harmonious workplace does not happen overnight and might need a lot of work on your part. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this goal:

  • Have a regular meeting with union representatives. It will enable you to hear all of their grievances and come up with a possible solution to them. In addition, it will make your employees feel that you care about them and you value their opinions or suggestions.
  • Give a regular evaluation to your employees. Through these evaluations, your employees will be able to improve their work performance.
  • Pay your employees fairly. Underpaid employees might not be inspired to do their job properly. In addition, they might suddenly resign from their job or hold rallies, which can be bad for your business.
  • Treat your employees with respect and show them that they are important in the company.

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