If you are a parent, then you must realize the importance of spending some quality time with your kids. You might not be able to spend every minute with them because of work and other responsibilities, but at least you find some spare time to bond with them. You could watch movies together, cook their favourite pasta together, take a road trip somewhere or have a picnic. No matter what you do, just as long as you are with your kids, giving them your undivided attention, then it is already enough for them.

Answering puzzles together with your kids is also another way to spend some time with them. There are many puzzles that could capture their fancy and these include Sudoku, codewords and crosswords. The great thing about this kind of activity is that you won’t only get to do it together with your children. You would also be giving your kids an opportunity to learn something.

You could use your weekends as bonding time with your kids. Plan to play hooky on a Saturday. Instead of doing chores, just once, why don’t you and your kids spend the day in your pyjamas. Start answering crossword puzzles with your breakfast. You can make it more fun if you will make it into a game with prizes. For every answer your kid can get right, give him something extra like additional maple syrup on his pancakes or another bowl of his favourite cereals if he still wants it or a dollop if jelly-striped peanut butter.

After crosswords, go on to codewords before lunch. To encourage them to do good in ascertaining which number stand for what letter, bribe them with the prospect of helping you bake some cookies for afternoon snacks. If your kids love cooking with you, they will surely jump at the chance of trying to provide the right answers to the puzzle. When they get something wrong, remember never to chide them, instead cheer them up and say it is okay because you make mistakes, too.

To prolong your bonding time a bit, allow your kids to sleep later than usual. Bring out a game of Sudoku after dinner and answer it together. This mathematical puzzle will surely jog up your kids analytical skills and will help them in winding down for the day. Although you might have very tired kids when your day together closes, you can be sure that you will be tucking happy kids into bed. Just by spending some time in answering puzzles with them, you have made enjoy their day to the fullest.