There's no better workout for the whole body than to jump on a mini-trampoline. By simply rebounding for 5 to 20 minutes, you'll increase the lymph flow within your body and cause toxins to be excreted. NASA claims that bouncing on a mini trampoline was in fact more helpful than running. Rebounding can be achieved within the comfort of your own home without having a need for membership in a gym or a personal trainer.

Rebounding advantages include: enhancing your balance, developing stronger bones, increasing metabolic process, lowering cholesterol levels, increasing circulation, balancing your blood pressure to normal levels, and lastly, helping you to lose your desired weight.  In this article I'll attempt to answer some common questions about rebounding on a mini trampoline.

How Many Calories Can I Burn On A Mini-trampoline?

The aerobic activity obtained during rebounding isn't just in the quantity of calories you burn, but in the revitalizing of your tissues and allowing more oxygen to circulate through the body. Though the calories expended aren't extremely substantial; it is part of a healthy lifestyle. The amount of calories expended using this type of workout is dependant on your existing body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, then a 30 minute workout of rebounding will allow you to lose a little more than 160 calories.

How Long Should I Jump On A Mini trampoline In One Session?

Jumping on a mini trampoline can begin with less than two minutes an hour. As per Linda Brooks of, bouncing on a mini trampoline for two minutes an hour can prevent and/or cure cancer. Most experts that recommend rebounding for work out and health, just like Jutta Tobkin, certified reboundologist and also known as 'The Rebound Lady", suggest you begin with 3 minute sessions and slowly develop from there. She states that you must do what feels good. Ms. Tobkin rebounds for half an hour at a time.

Can Jumping Incorrectly Cause Joint Pain?

As with every workout system, if you rebound incorrectly you could cause injury and joint pain. As stated above by Jutta Tobkin, do what feels best. Never ever push yourself too much. It's suggested by many to use a stabilizing bar. Put your rebounder in the corner of a room so you have a wall to grab on to in case of imbalance. It is not necessary to jump too high. You can get good results by just doing basic moves until you’re ready for more advanced moves.  Selecting the right size trampoline for your body is also an important factor in preventing injuries.

Where Can I Buy a Mini-trampoline?

The worse mini-trampolines are the ones in the grocery stores and local sports equipment shops. You must find a rebounder with a soft bounce having an eighty to ninety percent shock reducing effect. The reviews on rebounders show that these popular rebounding brands work best:

  • Needak
  • Cellercise
  • Urban Rebounder
  • ReboundAir

Doing exercises on a mini-trampoline will bring you lots of benefits. It's a complete exercise that will supply flexibility, endurance, energy and the most ideal aerobics exercise you can get. If done correctly rebounding on a mini-trampoline can't be beat. There isn't an age limit, but seniors should think of purchasing a stabilizing bar to avoid unwanted falls or accidents.