With the divorce rate at fifty percent it seems that there's a need for some answers to newlywed marriage problems. It's true that older couples make up a large part of the fifty percent divorce rate but newlyweds are the most vulnerable. There's a minefield of newlywed marriage problems that threaten to wreck new marriages. There are so many things that newlyweds have to learn to face that they never had to deal with as single people barring previous cohabitation. Juggling the responsibilities of a marriage partner, a house, cars, jobs, children and all of the other areas of life takes lots of concentrated effort just to keep everything going. Spouses also have to learn to correct any personal traits that are detrimental to the relationship. Coming together in marriage to establish a home can be a tough road but it can be a rewarding experience. Learning how to help one another through the minefield is key to finding answers to newlywed marriage problems.

Communication can be the fuel that helps keep newlywed problems to a minimum. Good communication will help bring about positive outcomes and bad communication will contribute to bad outcomes. Talk about everything up through retirement. Take time to talk about whether you want to have two and a half children. Talk about your careers. Talk about your finances. Try to get on the same life page for your marriage. You get the picture. Set goals on paper and then write down the steps from the goal as you talk back to where you are. Now you have plans to reach your goals. Write with a pencil that has an eraser so you can make the inevitable changes. Stick to the plan. Guys, ask for directions.

The more things change the more things stay the same. There may be times when you want to look at your spouse and say who are you and what did you do with my Husband/Wife? People change. Sometimes the change will be for the worse. But understand that there will be times when you get to know more about your spouses' character and expectations than you previously knew. This doesn't have to be a negative. It could be the key to helping the relationship solve a newlywed marriage problem.

Some people say that if people in a relationship are exactly the same, one of them isn't necessary. One of the great opportunities in marriage is being stronger through combined strengths. Using combined strength in a marriage can help newlyweds find answers to marriage problems. Filling in where your spouse is weak and you are strong will only be good for the relationship. It takes two to tango.

Put the marriage relationship before everything else. Don't allow anything or anyone come between the two of you. Put the relationship above your jobs, friends and even your children. When hard times come, fight the problem together and not one another. If you say I do or I will in a marriage vow then do it, will it. Work hard to find answers to newlywed marriage problems and get the rewards.