If you are looking for an ant exterminator you can hire one or do the job yourself. Although there are many ways to get rid of ants, here are some of the oft-mentioned techniques...

Make sure that your house is clean. The reason ants are in your house in the first place is because they know they can get a bite to eat. Vacuum regularly and pay special attention to the kitchen by making sure that everything is sealed. If you already have ants in your house, making sure that everything is clean will get rid of the chemical trails that they've made in your house. Make sure that your food containers and garbage cans are tightly sealed. If you have a pet in your house you may have ants trying to take its food. To keep this from happening simply apply some soapy water around the food bowl. A soapy water solution can be used to kill off ants in general.

Many people use some sort of borax and sugar solution (50/50). You can use only borax, but you have a much higher chance that the ants will eat it if there is some tasty sugar (you can also try experimenting with honey and sugar). Pour the mixture wherever you suspect the ants to be crawling around. Don't go overboard with the borax solution however, a little will go a long way. Borax acts as a bait. The scout ants will take this stuff back to the nest so that everyone else can have a bite. Little do these ants know that the stuff is poisonous! Sure, you can use some sort of spray to kill off any ants that you see, but if you don't use some sort of bait, you are missing the big picture. Because many types of ants will eat borax, you don't have to worry about getting baits for a specific type of ant. This is one reason why Terro, a very popular ant removal product, is so effective for many of its users.

You can also make a 50/50 solution of boric acid and water. The ants will drink this stuff and die.

If you apply vinegar and/or baby powder to where the ants are going, you're going to essentially blind them because these two substances cut off the ants ability to smell. If you cut off their ability to smell you can kill them off because they won't know where to get food and where their home nest is.

Other than using baby powder you can try using peppermint, ivory soap, pepper, cucumber slices, mint, cinnamon, and white chalk. You can also try using diatomaceous earth, which you can buy online or at your local pool shop. It works by dehydrating them and is able to be used on other types of insects such as cockroaches and fleas. If you see the actual ant nest, be sure to place one of these substances in its vicinity.

Aside from using the aforementioned products, there are a lot of effective products, which you can buy online to get rid of ants. A search for "ants" on Amazon will reveal a lot of ant removal devices, of which Terro is the most popular, if you go by the amount of reviews and how good those reviews are. You can get Terro for around $5.

If your ant infestation is frequent and/or large, you'll need to hire an ant exterminator to do the job for you. Before you hire anyone you have to keep in mind that the ant exterminator price can be anywhere from $200-$500,. You should first explore all of the cheap options at your disposal. Furthermore, if you hire an ant exterminator company, their results are not guaranteed to last forever.