The search for the fountain of youth is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But just the same, no matter how impossible it could be, it does not mean that we cannot keep on trying. Thus, a lot of beauty and skincare products online promise maintaining youthfulness and delaying signs of aging abound.  But the real question is do these product really work?  One cannot help but ask this question because just like the theory of evolution, if man really descended from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys?  So if these products really work, how come people are still aging?

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          To answer the question, one must know the root of these products; meaning, how it is formulated?

          Logically, no two products are the same. Different brands have different ways of formulating and manufacturing anti-aging products.  One thing which is common is of course the anti-aging properties or ingredients that they use.  But in terms of content and combination, it all depends on the manufacturer,vis a vis their profit motive. The most common ingredients are as follows:

  1. AHA. Nope, it does not refer to words you utter when you discover something surprisingly. It is Alpha-Hydroxy Acids which is responsible for removing the outermost layer of the skin. In other words, it is an exfoliation agent.
  2. Vitamin E is vital to our immune system and is scientifically proven that it is an excellent antioxidant agent.  As such, it is good for the skin as it is proven that it has properties that protects the dermatological coating of our body and is excellent in smoothing our skin. 
  3. Ubiquinone or Coenzyme Q10. Many do not know that it is used to prevent and repair skin damage due to sun exposure.  In addition, it is also an important ingredient when it comes to producing new cell. 
  4. Collagen or Peptides. It is another common ingredient which is helpful in skin hydration and thus, the skin looks firmer, more plump, and minimizes signs of aging such as wrinkles and lines. 
  5. Vitamin C. Anti-aging products contain collagens thus, it must also include properties that enhances it such as Vitamin C.  It is also known as ascorbic acid and is proven to improve collagen production. It alleviates the healing properties of the body and at the same helps reduce wrinkles and scars.  Lest, you do not forget that it is essential to our immune system also. 
  6. Retinol. It is a Vitamin A compound and is necessary ingredient to hamper breaking down collagens.  It is not true that it promotes thinning of the skin but otherwise.  It is a favorite ingredient among dermatologists as it helps the inner layer of the skin go firmer; and as you know, wrinkles start from the inner layer. 

          So, going back to the question if anti-aging products really work, they do.  When it does not, it also helps to check our lifestyle and habits.  No amount of skincare products online can improve our skin if the individual remains abusive to his or her body.