When Valentines day rolls around each year a few things happen, those who are in love or have someone special, get to use this day as an excuse to get gifts for eachother, do something special together, or other "romantic" things that they may not normally do. However, not everyone is in love or even wants to be in a relationship with someone else by choice or chance, for these people who despise Valentines day and all of it's suppose superficial and shallow romantic gestures, I have comprised a way to celebrate just the opposite- Anti-Valentines day; from sarcastic valentines, to acts of cruelty- there are numerous ways to refuse this commercial holiday's advances.

I'll start with the single and single-ish individuals out there who just couldn't care less about showing or getting affection. For starters, arm yourself with a few suprises of your own for when those you know suprise you with things such as valentines, treats, and the ever-chipper, "Happy Valentines Day!!".

Start by making some anti-valentines, you can have companies such as Zazzle, Vista Print, or CafePress print out your custom designs (so they are real high quality and show how much you put into NOT celebrating conventionally), or simply print these off on your own printer-heck you could even hand make these little delights!! Use sarcastic and opposing sayings such as:

"Happy unimaginitive, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day."

"Happy (insert day of Valentines day here)"- to highlight everything normal about the day.

"Nothing says, "you're special." like a mass-produced sentimental card"

"Valentines Day Sucks"

etc. etc...

You can find tons of phrases and quote ideas online these days....

Anywhoodles, outside of anti valentines, you will need some super tasty treats-with a slightly mean twist. Normally, chocolates, suckers, cookies, and other fattening treats are passed out in the act of love towards others. However, if you want to shell out an act of caring in your own way trying to alter the message sent with your treats. For example: Make note of the fattening outcome of the treates you pass out by stating that you are "fattening everyone up so I feel better about myself" or ice your cookie treats with sarcastic remarks that oppose those on the conversation hearts ( i don't love you, you'll do, bad breath, ugly boy/girl, hate, etc.) You could also attach these little tid bits of hate in hand written notes to show how much you could care less.

Lastly, if you know others who share your discompassion for Valentines day, host your own Anti-Valentines day bash- complete with sarcastic treats, no couples allowed, and plenty of dry humor to go around. Consider Valentines day another name for complete opposite day.

NOW, if you are in a relationship there is one minor difference. You have one significant other that you can use to your personal advantage-if you are a cold hearted person (or if they had it coming). Even though you are technically a couple- you may want out for various reasons, and if you hate the romance holiday-use it to really emphasize your dislike for the other person. Try kicking them out, breaking up with them, or even humiliating them (again-this is based on your personal level of cold-heartedness). Just making them miserable in general will do!

So have at Anti-Valentines day with a few ideas about celebrating and embracing your single status or soon-to-be single status!