When it comes to computer screens, there’s really not much you can leave to strictly personal preference. Sure there’s size and resolution, but those correspond with what’s needed or required. When it comes to something where the whole world is divided to either A or B, there’s probably no better example than going glossy or matte (anti-glare) on LCD screens.

I myself am at a crossroads with this decision, but I can safely say I’m at about 60% for glossy—even throughout these years I still couldn’t make a firm decision. So, partly for personal benefit, I have decided to make a list of what has made me like one over the other, and vice versa. So, here goes.

Pros of glossy screens

I have to admit, I can be the type of guy who can favor form over function. In fact, I think part of the reason I am 60% for glossy screens is because they just look so damned nice. In addition to that, I have some experience in the past where glossy screens have given a clearer and crisper display. Another obvious pro of glossy screens is you could easily change it to a matte finish by just installing an anti-glare film. You obviously can’t do this—switch from matte to glossy—on an anti-glare screen.

Cons of glossy screens

First and foremost, of course, is glare. Glare can be really distracting and painful to the eyes. However, glare depends a lot on where your monitor or device is located. It can be avoided, yes, but you would have to do a lot of adjusting. Another con of glossy screens I’ve realized through the years is it’s harder to clean and is more prone to scratching. Unless your screen is made from real glass, you’d have to be really careful on touching your glossy screen with anything that is not soft. This same fact also makes it harder to clean. Plus, dirt specks are very very obvious on glossy screens.

Pros of matte screens

Of course, unlike matte, you get no glare. It is also easier to clean and is not as sensitive on what you can use on the surface. You can wipe off a matte screen with a soft cloth and that’s about it. Also, I’ve read from some manufacturers that matte screens actually improve the color contrast of the display. I don’t know by how much though, because I can barely tell the difference.

Cons of matte screens

Well, since I find glossy screens nice, I’d have to say I find matte screens a bit dull (no pun intended), and a little old school—it reminds me of old CRT monitors. Also, I have found out that anything wet that touches the screen can stain it bad and is hard to take out.


From the looks of it, I think matte screens are on top by a little. Even so, and like I said, this all still boils down to personal preference. And, even with this article I am still partial on glossy screens. How about you? Hit the comments for your opinion.