Anti-kickback metal cutting tools are usually used in working sites like in construction and even at home if you are fond of metal and wood projects. These safety precaution tools are commonly seen in table saws, a device where you place the metals and woods for cutting. These anti-kickback metal cutting tools really make sense since around sixty-thousand (60,000) accidents and injuries happen every year when using table saws.


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One of the most saleable table saws with anti-kickback metal cutting tools is the Bosch 4100. It is the safest table saw comprising anti-kickback pawls, riving knife and smart guard system. This table saw is an innovation of Bosch 4000 and right there, additional features with a number of designs were added. That is how Bosch 4100 came up. All laborers who are working using table saw devices are very prone to accidents, therefore Borsch 4100 that is also known as anti-kickback metal cutting tools is designed to promote working ambiance that is safe and at the same time simplified, too.

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The components of this table saw Bosch 4100 have their own functions. Anti-kickback pawl is a removable safety equipment of the table saw as it is clipped on the back end of the riving knife. This pawl will work as it protects the user of the table saw by keeping the object in place as the possibility of throwing back of the material towards the worker is considered.  Kickback happens when the object is thrown towards the user.

Hence, this is what anti-kickback put into consideration. The riving knife is designed just like an armature. It works as it keeps the metal or wood from getting stuck behind the blade. And for everyone’s information, such attachment would cause injury. The last component is the smart guard system as it comprises smart guard clips, its main body and smart guard blades. These elements functioned as making adjustments in regards with the blade’s height and angle and prevent contact behind the blade, thus giving better protection from any possible injuries.

When does a kickback happen?


Kickbacks happen when the material is caught by the blade and grossly driven back to the front side of the saw, and thrown towards the user or the operator. Due to its high speed, it could violently harm the operator as it would bounced back adding more injury. Working in an unsafe environment too can be a secondary reason for any types of danger or accidents when using a table saw. Always remember that an injury caused by kickback is critical. Anti-kickback metal cutting tools if not properly used may aggravate kickbacks, too.

Kickbacks are possible to happen if:

  • Any work piece either metal or wood would caught or touch the blade due to the so called internal stresses. This kind of kickback is hard to foreseen and is uncontrollable when holding the materials down with fingers. Therefore, it is highly advice to use anti-kickback metal cutting tools instead of your fingers to prevent such circumstances.
  • The material is moved upward or sideways and when pushed downward towards the back, resulting to take large a bite from the top of the blade. This kind of scenario can be prevented if you will use feeder wheels which are placed near the blade and holds it down as it controls the material all throughout the cutting.
  • The material is caught amongst or between the fence and the back of the blade. For the proper positioning, the fence should be placed analogous with the blade to have a better cut from the two sides of the blade.

Safety Precautions to Avoid Kickbacks

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There are still useful ways to prevent kickback accidents and injuries.

  • First and foremost, and just like any other job; you should have concentration and focus all the way while working. Table saw requires so much manipulation; hence, you must know what you are doing.
  • If you are a novice in using table saw and any other anti-kickback metal cutting tools, examine first the equipment, read the guidelines, know how to manipulate and have somebody who can work with you who is familiar with the device.
  • It is also important that you will check first all the components of the device. Like for an instance, you must check the blade if it is sharp and clean. A dull blade can cause increased friction and aggravates kickback. And at the same time, it can cause burn as it lowers the quality of the cut. Sharp blades would alleviate kickbacks.
  • When you start working, make sure that the blade is analogous with the fence. Remember that once the material is trapped in between the blade and the fence, it would prompt to a kickback. Right as well, if the fence is moved closest to the rear of the blade, it would result to a violent harm for the operator as it will produce kickback. Therefore, frequent checking of the equipment (fence) is a must.
  • Always use anti-kickback metal cutting tools, like the safe guard blades and anti-kickback pawls. These devices would help to prevent the moving of the fence or the cut towards the back of the blade.
  • Always turn off the table saw first when you wish to release the material.
  • Avoid using materials that is larger than the table saw. Limit the materials in accordance to the table saw’s capacity. Prevent any barriers too, to have a complete management in controlling your work.
  • Check any stubble or flaws of the materials you are working. As much as possible, make sure the materials are smooth to prevent the material caught in between the blade and fence.


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Any violent accidents or injuries in working with table saws like kickbacks can be prevented if you use the anti-kickback metal cutting tools cautiously and seriously. Always purchase table saws with complete anti-kickback metal cutting tools to promote safe working environment. And at most, be vigilant and focus of what you are doing to prevent any mistake and injury. Remember, a worker with complete fingers and limb is more productive.