If you have attained the age of 30 years it is much expected that you may have started to think about taking care of your aging and preserving the youthfulness still left in you, especially if you are a woman. When we look for a product which can answer the needs of an aging person, a magical anti aging formula comes in mind. A kind of anti aging formula which can vanish those lines of aging, make our skin glow and take away all the toxins in our body to make us feel clean and healthy. However, it is still an idea to have a perfect anti aging formula which can deliver the dream of a perfect anti aging product that actually works. Hundreds and thousands of skin care products manufacturing companies have long been working on discovering the one anti aging formula. There are companies that claim to have achieved that and the market is saturated with their so called perfect anti aging products.

So, what anti aging formula have you bought from the market, with what active ingredient? Whatever active ingredient these companies emphasize on to market their product the truth is that all of these ingredients are somehow helpful in marinating your youthfulness. But every product delivers some aspects of the promised anti aging formula not as one complete solution. In fact a recent survey revealed some shocking results that most of the skin care or anti aging creams do not achieve more than a normal moisturizer. The question comes in mind that what may be the composition of the anti aging formula for making a good anti aging product? Here are some of the excerpts from the anti aging studies I have done to find that anti aging solution: Anti Aging Formula

The Composition of Anti Aging Formula:

The best anti aging formula should not only protect your skin from the exterior effects of your surroundings but should work from inside your body by protecting your skin from free radicals. It should tighten your skin to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It should erase black circles and wrinkles around our eyes. The common composition of the anti aging creams available in the market are made of mineral oils, alcohol, fragrance, petroleum and parabens all these substances are not good for our skin and work for the surface of the skin not on the molecular level. A good anti aging formula would stimulate the development of collagen and clean the pores of your skin from inside. Most anti aging formulas available in the market cannot increase collagen in the skin while some of them have it in their formulas but unluckily collagen cannot be increased by applying it from outside our skin. There are anti aging products which contain good anti oxidants and moisturizers that fight free radicals and keep skin healthy by producing collagen in your skin. The other ingredients these anti aging formulas contain are vitamin C and E, honey, grape seed oil, avocado extracts, jojoba oil and water.

However the above mentioned guidelines are for you to know the basics of a good anti aging formula but finding one from so many out there is a tedious task. Since you have access to the internet, there is a good chance that you will find one by checking out the reviews and reading feedback from other users. The key is to keep looking for the anti aging formula that suits your skin.