Finding a solution to anti aging has always been the dream of mankind. Is there any solution to it or it's the hype created by the cosmetics and health products manufacturers to grab money from people looking for it. I would say it's a mix of two, there are products which deliver what they promise and there are loads of those anti aging solution products which are just another space taker on your medicine cabinet. Let's face it; we all who are over the middle age of 30 have this thing in our mind somewhere that we are on the down slope of life and are required to take extra care of our body.

What are the main contributors in your body which can make you liable to be called an old person? Three factors will talk about physical aspects of our body, though if we see one who feels old, not necessarily requires looking young but the other way around. The forth one is the mental factor and is the major one. Here are they:

Wrinkles or Sagging of skin

We all know that amongst the physical factors, the biggest determent to growing old and hurdle in finding anti aging solution has been the aging of the skin. The look of those wacky wrinkles is unbearable for everybody when the aging process starts. This process has many contributors which we come in contact everyday routine life through the food we eat, air we breathe, the medication we take for different diseases, the water we drink, these free radicals have effects of old age in some cases where people were in early 20s. The research has proven that it is not just the age which brings wrinkles on your face. Smoking contains large amount of free radicals which restricts the flow of blood to the upper surface of the skin. More than required exposure to the sun will cause more free radical damage than anything else. There are three factors of your skin which effect aging, those are:

The Anti Aging Solution is Available out there

  • The number of elastic fiber located under your skin
  • The skins ability to retain moister
  • The outer layer thickness of skin
  • What to do I do to keep my skin healthy?

Studies show that your skin degrades when it is deficient in B6 and other B complex group units. You need to take antioxidants and keep a balance of vitamins in your body. Antioxidants slow down the aging process and prevent aging of skin before time by enhancing the useful life of our skin cells hence prolonging the function of our organs in general.
There are numerous anti aging products available online which include wrinkle creams and organic skin care solutions. Cosmetic anti aging solution can be very effective but for limited period of time.

Baldness is one embarrassing factor

Although baldness is the anti aging issue more related to men than women, but thinning of hair is women issue too. It can easily be slowed down or even re grown where required. Vitamin E is a good food for your hair and keeping your diet filled with Vitamin E gives your hair strength. You must always protect your hair from sun damage; this does more damage to your hair than anything else. There is laser treatment for re growing of hair and there are plenty of products in the market to give your hair that shinny youthful look.

Weak bones and Aching of Joints:

Bones get weaker as the aging process goes. Our bones require more calcium and Phosphorus filled nutrition to get hold of our weakening bones. Milk and bananas are rich sources of food for our bones. Aching of joints can be dealt with by doing age appropriate exercise and good nutrition. You must take care of B complex group vitamins in your diet to keep your joints from aching.

The Mental Anti Aging issue:

There are many diseases which affect our brain as the aging process goes on. But most of the diseases like Alzheimer can be dealt by keeping a healthy routine, even after retirement. The body which was so used to produce output when puts on a halt, does nothing but produces diseases. The thought process also plays a vital role in making you feel younger. If you think that you, at the older stage of your life, have to play important parts with respect to contributing positivity towards the society in general and your family in particular, you will keep doing the maintenance of your body it requires in order to perform better. Feeling young is the main deciding factor in finding the anti aging solution for you.