It is true that there are societies with anti aging system already placed in the world which live much longer than others and have uphold the longevity record for male and female population for centuries. The meaning of being old is not the same as we have in our society. Over there, people in their nineties cook for the family, tend the garden and do things as actively and have very few deadly diseases like heart problems and cancer.

So, what do these communities do any different than our society that make them live so long? The answer is in living as natural as possible which seems a very farfetched idea in today's modern world. But to counter all the synthetic way of living in our daily life we can adopt some ways and that will be our anti aging system.

The idea is to still have our energies retained in 60s, 70s and beyond. For that life style here are some useful anti aging remedies and tips to slow down your aging process.

1. Shift to fresh food, not preserved food in your daily meals. Moreover, increase the use of fruits and vegetables in your eating habits.
2. Skip a meal every other day or fast for a day in every ten days. When our body has less food to digest there's less tissue wear and tear because our body produces less blood sugar, less free radicals and inflammation. You should replace the skipped meal through drinking a lot of water.
3. You must have heard that water is life and that is so true. Drink a lot of water, it drains toxins from your system and makes your arteries hydrated to fight diseases.
4. Acetyl-Carnitine and Lipoic acid are two supplements which will add to your energy levels. In addition to that have balance of vitamins in your body through additional intake if required.
5. Keep your body weight to the limit because fat body is always an ill body.
6. Do some cardio exercise and some weight lifting for your aging body. It is very important that your body retains strength from age 40 onwards since our body loses a quarter of a pound each year after that age and fats take the muscles' place. Don't overdo it, just half an hour for three days a week is good enough.
7. Quit smoking. We see it written everywhere but do not practically implement it. Only quitting it will make you realize that a big part of energy was missing because of smoking.
8. Drugs are a big contribution to aging. Not doing drugs will increase your chances of having a better defense against diseases, hence increasing longevity.
9. Have good social activities, meeting good people keeps stress away from you.
10. Get a pet for yourself. People who keep pets live longer and keep away from blood pressure and have fewer chances of developing heart diseases.
11. Keep some interaction with plants. Spending time with plants make you release stress and recover from illnesses.
12. Life is good without arguments. Having more arguments mean having bad temperament which increases the risk of clogged arteries. Understand that everybody has a right to have an opinion.

Make any or all of the above anti aging system advice your own and start applying them. Just practicing them for a little time will make you habitual on these good habits and will reward you with positive results.