Are your neighbors complaining about your dog's barking every time you're not at home? Hey, if the problem is bad enough, maybe it's even happening while you are at home! It just might be time to think about an anti bark collar as a solution to your problem.

Some people think that anti bark collars are cruel or inhumane, but that isn't the case. Used correctly, they can be very effective training methods for your pets. There are a few different kinds of anti bark collars that can work to stop your pet's incessant barking. The three most commonly utilized types of anti bark collars are citronella collars, ultrasonic collars, and shock collars.

1) Citronella Collars - When you think of the word "citronella" what most likely comes to mind is citronella candles, and this makes sense. Citronella is a powerful and effective repellent, which is why it is the main ingredient in candles which are used to repel mosquitoes. The same smell that irritates the bugs is repugnant to dogs. Therefore, the citronella anti-bark collar utilizes a small mechanism which sprays the dog's nose and face with a small amount of the liquid when they begin barking uncontrollably. This causes them to stop barking, and also creates a negative association for them between aggressive, excessive barking and the highly unpleasant citronella small.

2) Ultrasonic Collars - Did you know that dogs' sense of hearing is a full three times more sensitive than that of human beings? This is why dogs often hear and respond to noises that their owners are oblivious to, making them excellent protectors of the home. This quality of canine hearing is what ultrasonic collars utilize in their approach to controlling out-of-control barking in your dog. When the dog begins its pattern of uninterrupted barking, the collar emits a high-frequency noise, and the barking ceases. The sensitivity of the dog's hearing won't allow them to continue.

3) Shock Collars - Shock collars are generally thought of as the most controversial of the three mainstream anti bark collar methods. As you can imagine, the process utilized by the shock collars is that, when the incessant barking begins, a small shock is administered to the dog, stopping the barking and creating the negative association. Although the type of shock administered is actually quite gentle and humane, the majority of dog owners find even the concept of giving their beloved pooch "shock therapy" to be too distasteful to entertain.

Finally, one thing to bear in mind when using an anti bark collar training system is that it is precisely that - a training system. It is not meant to be a permanent fixture for your dog into the future. After all, barking is a natural function of dogs and should not be repressed entirely - it's how they express all of their emotions, such as joy and fear, and also how they serve their function as the protectors of their owners and family. It's excessive barking, not barking entirely, that anti bark collars are meant to train your dog not to do.