You may be among the millions of women who have unwanted cellulite. Showing up as an unattractive dimpling on your skin, it keeps you from wearing your favorite bikini set. It even makes you shy in the bedroom. Cellulite is definitely something you want to get rid of. Luckily for you, the best cellulite treatments are now available.


Endermologie aids in the reduction of cellulite. The procedure involves a massage machine with 2 rollers that allow for a gentle suction action. Rolling the machine over the layer of fat creates a fold. Only certified endermologists are allowed to provide the service. This is the first cellulite treatment approved by FDA to provide temporary reduction of unwanted cellulite.

How does it work?

The folding action Endermologie creates causes the connective issues to stretch. The result is a reduction of cellulite. You will also notice your figure looking more slender. The claims that FDA has approved for this cellulite treatment are increased circulation, reduction of muscle spalms, reduced body measurement, relief of muscular spasms and more importantly, temporary reduction of cellulite.

Developed in the 1980's for the purpose of treating scars among burn victims, this method was later used for the treatment of cellulite, after having had shown positive effect on this feat. Many more benefits of Endermologie were later recognized.

How many sessions are necessary?

14-28 initial Endermologie cellulite reduction treatments are usually necessary. For optimal results, you should have the treatment once or twice a week. For even better results, you should make monthly visits after the weekly sessions for maintenance. It usually takes 30 minutes for one session to finish working on the entire body. An added bonus is that the Endermologie treatments increase lymphtaic flow. This helps promote improved circulation throughout your body.

You should begin to see visible results after approximately 6 treatments. Just like when you are trying to lose weight, you only notice considerable improvement after numerous and accumulated numbers of treatment.

Is it a painful treatment?

Most patients end up comparing the anti cellulite treatment to receiving a deep massage. They leave the clinic feeling relaxed and renewed. The intensity of the rollers can even be adjusted to your own preferred comfort level.

Are there side-effects?

Temporary and minor bruising may occur, but this is just the same effect you get when you're out for a deep-tissue whole-body massage. If anything, the side effects you get are feelings of relaxation and increased levels of energy.

How much does it cost?

If you add up all the sessions, the costs would be the same as when you are getting liposuction. One Endermologie session usually costs about $90. The 14-visit treatment, the monthly follow-ups included, amount to about $2000. Those with more serious cases may need more sessions and may have to spend more. The procedure proves to be an economically sound choice though, as it addresses areas which liposuction tends to neglect.

Go ahead and work toward getting the firm skin you have always wanted with this treatment for cellulite. Besides, you have had enough of just imagining it. You are lucky to be born in this age of technology. Take advantage of it.