Snoring is caused when the  passage between the nose and the throat narrows during sleep. The air that enters the nose is restricted, strikes the soft palate at the back of the mouth, causing a sound, which we call a snore. Snoring can be especially painful to you or your partner depending on who the "snorer"  is. Many a couple have complained about sleepless nights because of their partners snore. Men and overweight people are especially prone to snoring.

There are many causes for snoring. The most common ones are alcohol and drug usage. Sleep aids and tranquilizer can cause all the muscles in the body to relax. So when these drugs are consumed it cause the narrowing of the air passage making the individual snore.  A cold or stuffy sinuses can also cause one to snore. The "stuffed up nose" forces one to breath through the mouth while sleeping, thereby hitting the back of the mouth and causing a "noise" when it hits the soft palate. Sometimes the cause is ones own anatomy. A large adenoids  or tonsil can cause snoring too. Falling asleep on your back can also cause you to snore.

Not to despair, you might want to consider using an anti snoring device. Who knows it could lead to a peaceful and restful nights sleep. Anti snoring devices are equipment that is used to stop snoring. Snoring affects men and women and these devices can be used by any gender. Some anti snoring devices that are available is the snore pillow, anti snoring nasal strip and mouth pieces, and the CPAP machine.

The anti snoring nasal strip is the most popular and cheapest by far. It applied like a band aid across the nose just before sleeping. It allows for the sleeper to breathe through the nose as opposed through the mouth. The disadvantage is that is only works for people who snore occasionally.

The CPAP machine or the continuous positive airway pressure machine is used for those who have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea if not taken care of can cause a stroke and high blood pressure. This machine works by using a pressurized mask over the nose. It releases air continuously to keep the airway passages open during slumber.

A snore pillow will help an individual fall of to sleep on their side.  If one falls asleep on their backs chances are higher for them to snore. The snore pillow will prevent the sleeper from falling off to sleep on their backs.

Try any one of these devices to see if you can finally catch a peaceful nights sleep. If you have any health concerns or issues, consult your physician before you begin to use any anti snoring device.