Breakfast Smoothie It has been almost a year since I made a vow to start taking an appropriate dose of antioxidant rich fruits every morning with my breakfast. I quickly learned that for me, the best possible way to obtain this goal was to make a smoothie blended with the right ingredients. You can substitute almost anything in the recipe, but I've tried so many combo's I believe I got one of the best possible tasting healthy breakfast smoothie.

I used to drink green tea and soon moved on to drinking white tea, but found the taste of both lacking in the flavor department. Back when I was trying to lose weight I would drink Slim Fast to be my meal replacement, and get my daily vitamins. I found I was still burning out mid afternoon, right when I really needed that extra energy boost to finish off the workday in good fashion. By January last year I was always hearing about antioxidants, and especially the Acai Berry. It let me to read up all I could on the amazon berry, as well the amazing benefits of antioxidants.

This blended recipe of tea, fruits, ice and proteins is a great way to get your daily vitamins and that extra and natural energy boost. I stated before that you can substitute any fruit in here to make it more to your liking, but trust me on this excellent combo.

Antioxidant Breakfast Smoothie:
1 cup green tea
1 cup white tea

1 full Banana
1 cup of Acai Berries
1 cup of Blueberries
1 cup of Bilberries
1 cup of Goji Berries

2 tbsp Whey Protein(or Slim Fast vanilla)
2 cup of ice

I highly recommend putting in the ice and both white and green tea into the blender first, mix these up so its almost a slushy. From here you can add your fruits and whey protein to the mix and I usually let it blend for 45 seconds to a minute. Give this smoothie a try for a week and hopefully you will notice that you feel better, and have no problem keeping awake at your job.