Does Odaban Work?

If you have Hyperhydrosis like me you have probably tried several different products to help you stop sweating. One product I have found to be very helpful for me is called Odaban and it's a very powerful antiperspirant specifically designed to help those with excessive sweating problems. I know the embarrasment that this problem can bring but you have to know that you are not alone. With Odaban you can find some relief from your situation and begin to lead a more nornal life again. The spray is gentle and effective, 24-hour protection for most areas of the body; suitable for all types of skin. Odaban is 100% free from perfumes and allergy inducing ingredients and the pump provides an exact dose.

My Results

I have used Odaban before and found that it helped stop my sweating problems. The product is quite strong so you need to be careful with it. It does come with full instructions on how to use it properly so you shouldn't have any problems.  It has a spray pump that will only dispense a small amount of the product which is perfect for most applications. You'll need to ake sure your skin is completely dry before you use it. Don't take a shower and then try to apply it since it won't work properly on wet or even damp skin. It's best to apply Odaban before you go to bed. For more sensitive areas you can use a cotton pad and just dap it on your skin in small amounts which should work fine. Don't apply on a whole bunch because again it can irritate your skin for some people. I think this product is worth trying if you have sweating problems and want some relief.

How To Deal With Hyperhydrosis Emotions

You shouldn't feel guilty about your sweating problems and you need to realize that there are many people who suffer from the same condition as you do. It can be difficult because it's very much as "social" problem which can cause embarrassment for those that suffer. One suggestion is to join many of the support forums online and just talk to people that have your condition too. I have learned to live with my problem over the years and I don't let it slow me down in my day to day activities but I don't enjoy the summer that much because I get very hot. Talk to someone close to you about your problem and don't keep your feelings bottled up inside of you that is the best advice I can give you. Just live your life and don't let anyone stand in your way.

Stop Sweating Tips for Hyperhydrosis

  • If you sweat after a shower in the morning, try having one at night before you go to bed.
  • Take extra articles of clothing with you to work if you need them.
  • If you work in an office, ask if you can have a portable fan by your desk.
  • Use the air conditioner in your car if you have one to cool yourself off before going into public buildings if you're concerned about your sweating
  • Talk to your doctor about other treatments besides Odaban that might work for you.

Your Not Alone in Dealing with Hyperhydrosis

Your not alone with your condition and there's plenty of support out there if you seek it out. Products like Odaban can work and there are many others you can try too. Take it one day at a time and talk to people so you don't feel so alone with your problems. You can still live a full life with Hyperhydrosis.