Finding an antique brass switch plate can be a bit tricky depending on what era and style you are going for. Actual antique brass switch plates would have to be manufactured pre 1940's. We're gonna be dealing with reproductions and things that look antique in this article. Sorry but if you can find some Victorian switch plates just let me know and I'll make a note of the source here.

Brass is a fantastic choice for outlet covers. It comes in a number of shades and can be distressed or stamped to match the décor of any style. The colors range from a light peach to a rusty red and are suitable for western, rustic, and most other older styles.

Regardless of what type of light switch plate covers you need there will be some antique reproduction available to suit your particular outlet or light fixture. Push button switch plates and oversized outlet covers are available and every other possibility is available.

Light switch plate covers is an easy accent to use to finish up a decorating project. A room that doesn't have the appropriate covers just doesn't seem to be finished. It is easy to overlook this final touch but this accent needs to be considered as much as the chandelier or carpet. It may be a small detail but the small details do matter. An additional detail is to ensure that the outlet plates match the ones on the switches. The outlet plates will not need to be quite as fancy but using the same material (wood or metal) can be a good way to keep the theme going throughout the room.

Although brass is a great choice it is not always the best choice. Before making the final decision check into some wood switch plate covers or oil rubbed bronze switch plates. Outlet covers are normally not the most expensive of decorating touches but finding something that you like better once you purchase something is always irritating. There are a lot of shopping sites online with great photos of wall outlet covers. Do a little window shopping from the comfort of your own home and see what there is to see. True antique switch plates may not be possible or practical but there are many decorative light switch covers to choose from.

One good thing about decorative switch plates is that they are easy to change out if you get the urge. A screwdriver is the only tool needed and they can be removed and replaced with ease. As long as you can line up the holes or drill a couple of holes this is a project that can be easily done and completed. If you can't do it yourself check with someone in your family. There may be someone who can complete the project for you in just a few minutes. If the light switches or outlets are not covered the wires behind them are exposed which can be a safety concern.

Brass is just one of many metal switch plate covers to choose from. It is also very easy to remove decorative switch plates to make painting easier. Not removing them prior to painting can ruin a perfectly good paint job. Just remove the plate, paint around it, and replace once the paint is dry. It's as easy as that and a perfect paint job has been finished.

So quit reading and get out there and start shopping. There is no since in reading when there is shopping to do and hard earned money to be spent. Maybe you can even find one of those stylish kids light switch plate that has clowns and balloons on it.