It seems as though every grand kitchen design on the television or in movies features a farmhouse kitchen table these days, and it is true that these types of table are more in demand than ever before. One reason for this is obvious enough – the incredible rustic charm and beauty of a true antique table is hard to match, even with reproduction furniture. There is just something very enchanting about owning your own piece of kitchen furniture which has its own history right in front of your very eyes.

faCredit: istockphotoFor those who don’t know about these types of furniture, an antique farmhouse table is simply a table that has been made to be used over 100 years ago in a farmhouse. It could have been made by a farmer or even a professional woodworker, but these tables were designed not just to be eating areas, but also as work surfaces for a multitude of other tasks as well as being a common gathering point for the whole family.

This is especially true of the North American farm kitchen tables which were often handmade with very few bells and whistles, usually because the makers of these tables were usually farmers who knew little yet enough on how to make a sturdy table. The common minimalistic design of these tables featured long planks of wood running down the length of the table. This had the effect of making the tables much longer lengthwise than they were wide, simply because it was easier to make them this way.

The French country farmhouse table is a slightly different type of furniture in that it tends to have many intricate details carved into the legs and table surface. This type of table tended to be made by professional cabinet makers, often with an equally intricate set of kitchen chairs.

Today, antique fairs are some of the best places to get these types of tables on the cheap, but thanks to the ubiquitous Internet it is now fairly simple to find many companies that collect and renovate these antique items of furniture and then sell them on worldwide. These small companies tend to charge a premium for what they do of course, but by going through them you can save yourself a lot of legwork. Old Plank are one such company, based in New York that specializes in this area.

Farmhouse kitchen tables are fantastic for adding a rustic feel to any home that has enough space to accommodate a farm table set, so with a little bit of money and some determination you can have a kitchen just like the ones in the movies too.