Antique Furniture Handles and Knobs

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If you're into antiques, there are a lot of great options to add unique items to your home. Some of these options are pretty expensive, and rightly so. Antiques are usually unique items and can be pretty hard to come by, especially if you have a specific look in mind. Antique furniture handles and knobs are a neat way to add vintage flair to your space without breaking the bank. Antique furniture handles and knobs are available just about everywhere, and they can be used in conjunction with many types of decorating. 

This article will outline a few popular types of antique furniture handles and knobs, and the various ways you can utilize these items in a decorative fashion in your home. Like anything else related to decorating, there are endless options, and the following tips are just suggestions meant to get you started!

Let's start looking at a few cool examples of antique furniture handles and knobs!

Antique Furniture Handles and Knobs: A Definition

So what exactly are antique furniture handles and knobs, and what is the difference between the two items? Antique furniture handles and knobs are the bits of hardware that once lived on larger pieces of furniture. The larger piece has disappeared to who knows where, but the hardware remains. These pieces are usually made of metal, glass, wood, or a combination of the three. Occasionally you can find antique furniture handles and knobs with rare components, like gems, stone, or even bone. The nice thing about these bits of hardware is that they generally withstand the effects of time quite well.

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Antique furniture handles are what you might find on drawers or cupboard doors. There is an example in the image above, and they're generally used for opening or closing things. They don't have any moving parts.

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Antique furniture knobs are usually used on doors or similar mechanisms. They have moving parts, and must be turned to activate. The most common example of these is the door knob. 

Antique Furniture Knobs: Uses

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The antique furniture knobs out there are usually pretty cool. The mechanisms are sometimes intact, but whether they are or not, it is still a usable decorative piece. The common use for antique furniture knobs is to use them as doorknobs on actual doors. Doors are popular options for shabby chic style furniture. Because they are often made of wood, they're easy to paint and distress. Adding nice little antique furniture knobs to a door can greatly increase the appeal and style. And it's an antique that doesn't have to sit on a shelf and collect dust; you're likely to use it every day.

A lot of times people can use antique furniture knobs for other purposes than their original use. Since the opening mechanism doesn't always survive, they can be used as coathooks or something like it. I've even seen a clever use: a doorknob wall! Affix a bunch of mismatched antique furniture knobs to a wall in a tasteful way, and you'll have a unique art installation!

Antique Furniture Handles and Knobs: Get A 'Handle' On Things!

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For a good use of antique furniture handles, consider replacing some of your more mundane handles with some that have a little more vintage appeal. Since most antique furniture handles are made of some kind of durable metal like brass, bronze or cast iron, they last a long time and they look very attractive. 

A nice, ornate antique furniture handle can make an otherwise bland piece look totally new. These metal handles seem to work best with anything made out of real wood. You can try it with your Ikea pieces and it might work out, but in my opinion it's best to place them on solid wood pieces. 

My suggestion for using antique furniture handles on more contemporary pieces is to make a plan. Make sure the colors match and they look is definitive! 

Where To Find Antique Furniture Handles and Knobs

Antique furniture handles and knobs are pretty easy to come across. You can find great bunches of them at certain antique shops. Those that deal only in large pieces might not be able to help you out, but the smaller, unique places will likely have a big bucket full of antique furniture handles just ready to be looked through! You can also find them on larger pieces, but that's an expensive way to do it.

Some stores nowadays are producing replica antique furniture knobs, but they aren't the real deal. If you don't care about authenticity, this is a great method to achieve the desired effect. 

If you really want to get into it, be sure to check out flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales in your neighbourhood. This is definitely the cheapest way to find antique furniture handles and knobs, but it's a bit of a slog; you'll have to sift through a lot of junk before you find your treasures! 

That's all the advice I have on the subject. Go ahead and find some great antique furniture handles and knobs, and redecorate that home!