Antique Iron Bed Frames are both bold and subtle, and can drastically enhance the look and feel of your bedroom decor. There are few other items that have the versatility, staying power and durability of an antique iron bed, as evident by the almost countless ways that professional designers and everyday Joe's utilize them in their design schemes.

Briefly, I'd like to point out the several ways that you can enhance your bedroom using an antique iron bed frame, and then I'll address each of them below:

  • The "Victorian" look
  • Bold, big, masculine and strong
  • Subtle, feminine and light
  • Strictly utilitarian
  • Cheap (that's right, I said "Cheap" - you an find these for much less than you probably think).

Okay, let's examine how one of these classic bed frames can achieve the looks I mentioned above.

Victorian Iron Bed Frames

The "Victorian" look is often regarded as the "classical age" of interior design, and traces its roots back to Queen Victoria of England. The style was sensationalized by long, flowing designs with bold, yet soft lines. When people say "classic looks" as it relates to home decor, they almost always mean "Victorian."

Many antique iron bed frames were built from this school, especially the oldest ones. And since there are few pieces that set the tone of a bedroom like a bed, it's probably your best place to start.

A Light, Feminine Theme

Many antique bed frames of iron construction are very feminine, kind of a natural evolution of the Victorian look. Typically, if you're wanting a more lady-like, light feel, I'd opt for lighter pieces, such as those made from smaller gauged materials and subtle angles (stay away from hard angles unless you want a utilitarian or masculine look).

Also, lighter colors play a big role here. A white or eggshell bed frame will automatically create a more soothing, calm and feminine feeling than black, dark grey or even other hard colors will. That's why many people paint their iron bed frames. Of course if you're a collector purist, this isn't an option, so you'll probably need to narrow down your search to those already painted the hue you want.

Antique Iron Bed Frames For A Masculine, Utility Look

Iron bed frames aren't just for the ladies or subtle designers. Iron itself is a very hard metal, and many designers from the past capitalized on this quality by created very strong, angular pieces that gave off an aura of strength.

If this is the look you want, I'd limit your search to frames that use larger gauged materials, hard angles and perhaps big, strong design accessories. Darker, bolder colors (such as blacks or even a natural, unfinished look) is also recommended.

Antique Iron Bed Frames For Sale: Find One For Cheap

Considering the high price tags associated with most antiques, it's not unusual for many people to think that buying an antique bed frame for themselves would set them back a fortune. And honestly, if you go the route of the die-hard antique enthusiast, you probably will pay out the nose.

But you don't have to go that route.

Instead, you can save a pretty penny by shopping some very non-traditional routes, and often finding amazing steals along the way. Here are just a few that I'd recommend:

Garage Sales: Often times people sell their "junk" without checking the real value. I've seen many great bed frames at unheard of prices (I've never seen one marked higher than $20) simply because people don't realize that the old bed is actually worth something - or that they could charge several times as much at a store. Plus, if you spend some time haggling with the seller, you can get an even better price on a used antique iron bed frame.

Second Hand Shop: The Salvation Army, Deseret Industries (D.I.) and other thrift shops often sell stuff for much cheaper than its worth, often for the same reasons as garage sales. These stores work through a massive volume in donated materials, and it's very unlikely that they'll take the time to research the true value of most of their items.

Classified Newspaper Ads: Sometimes you'll find amazing deals here, sometimes you'll find nothing more than overpriced junk. Unlike garage sales, people rarely take out ads simply to purge their inventory. But it's still a great place to look for antique iron bed frames. Here's an extra tip: Don't be afraid to haggle prices with sellers you find in your newspaper. Many people don't realize that every price is negotiable, and if someone truly wants to get rid of something, perhaps your "lowball" is better than not selling it at all!

Online Classifieds (such as Craigslist): What can't you find on Craigslist? And often for crazy low prices. I wouldn't even begin searching for an antique iron bed frame without checking out your local Craigslist first.