An antique iron coat rack tree or metal hall tree can be a great way to both improve the functionality of your entry way or dress up the style and design of a formal living room. Wooden hall tree coat racks tend to be good functional pieces of home furniture but wrought iron coat rack trees and hat stands are usually more expensive and decorative in nature and are often more appropriate for decorative appeal in a home.

These metal or iron hall trees can serve a functional purpose and they often do even when used in a decorative area of the home but more often than not the most heavily used hall trees are wooden and placed in heavier trafficked areas of the home.

Iron Coat Racks vs Wooden Hall Trees

Large Iron Standing Hall TreeIron hall trees are often used in place of wooden coat racks but often times an entry way is not the best place to use an iron hall tree due to the hard iron stand or feet of the coat stand and the hard tile floor of most entry ways. Not all entrys are the same but in most homes the foyer is not carpeted. It is rather made of slate, tile, or stone as the entry way is the most heavily trafficked spot in a house and is prone to wear and tear.

If you were to buy a metal coat rack tree and using it on these types of surfaces the metal feet of the hall tree may scrape, chip, or crack the floor after prolonged use. For this reason iron coat racks are usually better for areas of the home which have lighter usage patters and in areas which have floors better suited for these types of racks and stands.

One of the best places to put a iron hall tree is in the corner of a formal or informal living room, family room, or dining room. These rooms are used often but are almost always designed for decorative appeal as well as functional use. Most rooms like these are either carpeted or have area rugs placed on the hard floors both of which are ideal for the use of an iron coat rack tree. The iron coat rack tree is more decorative in nature and probably won't be loaded up completely with hats, coats, and sweaters and will more easily enjoyed as a convenience and as a decorative furniture piece.

Types Of Iron Coat Racks

Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella StandIron coat racks come in many different types. Just like any other material the hall tree type coat rack is probably the most popular however there are also hang on the wall options such as an coat rack with shelf which attaches to the wall and offers a few hooks to hang coats on in the entry way. The coat rack's shelf also provides ample space to drop accessories in an entry way such as keys, glasses, or a phone making these types of coat racks handy and unobtrusive due to their no floor space needed design.

In addition to the hall tree styles and hang on the wall coat rack with shelf styles there are also metal or iron versions of the bench coat racks which integrate bench seating with a coat rack on the back. This type of coat rack is helpful in that it offers a simple area designed for an entry way where people can hang their coats and store their accessories which they need when they leave the house. Shoes can be stored in or under the bench and often times there is a shelf or compartment on top of the coat rack for smaller accessories.

Many of these bench seating coat racks are made of wood but if you shop around you can easily find them in iron or some other metal. The metal may not be perfect for storing items out of sight but many of these pieces of furniture simply incorporate iron into a wooden design making a highly decorative piece of furniture. These aren't as inexpensive as your garden variety cheap standing coat rack made of wood but they are far more decorative and versatile.

Buying Iron Coat Rack Trees For The Right Price

Brown Metal Coat Stand With Umbrella BasketWhen you are shopping for an antique coat rack tree made of iron or some other type of metal you need to understand that quality home furnishings will be more expensive than cheaper models. This is fairly obvious but many people look for simply the cheapest item they can find when paying a little more can mean a great improvement on the quality of your hall tree. Generally speaking buying wooden coat rack hall trees will be less expensive than buying iron but even within the iron section there will be different price points and features which make certain pieces more expensive than others.

One notable feature that contributes to the price of any metal hall tree is the construction. Standing coat racks typically are five to six feet tall and because of their height they are often constructed from two major pieces which screw together in the middle. This is not always the case but coat racks which are like this tend to be less expensive. This cheaper construction technique usually implies that the center shaft which makes the coat rack is lighter and more hallow and that the hall tree generally has compromised strength.

Black Metal Umbrella Holder Coat RackIf you want to ensure you get the best value for your buck then you need to comparison shop the same types of pieces. Compare material and construction to similar materials and construction techniques and don't be fooled into thinking one hall tree is a better buy than another simply because the price is lower.

A quality iron coat rack tree can be purchased from many different stores for around a hundred dollars however you may be able to find hall trees sold for less if you are a good shopper and are willing to wait for a good deal. Most antique iron hall trees will be priced over a hundred dollars and depending on quality, craftsmanship, and decorative design these styles of coat racks can range all the way up into the thousands of dollars. Iron hall tree coat racks can definitely get expensive but this is only because of the combination of beauty and function that can go into a well made piece of furniture. The high end may not be for you but basic pieces may be just perfect for your needs.