With the price of furniture soaring, everyone needs real life solutions on how to be able to afford the things they need, and most importantly, to get quality items at the best prices. Antique Lane cedar chests are highly sought after storage chests; they are sturdily built and coming from a time when furniture was meticulously and loving crafted to last for generations. Lane has also produced small cedar boxes with amazing details on them, like beveled edges, which make perfect jewelry boxes for rings, bracelets and chains.

These attractive chests were appreciated for their quality of workmanship and came complete with a lock and key. Long ago these small boxes were particularly popular as gifts for girls graduating from college. Today, these beautiful Lane cedar chests, both small and large boxes, were sold along with documentation certificates, and today, having one of these will simply increase the chest's value. The value of the chests vary depending on the particular chest and its condition. 

Replicating Antique Lane Cedar Chests and a Piece of History

People want to replicate the cedar chests, and to this end cedar chest plans are available online for those who would like to build and own something similar. They are great storage items, used to store quilts, pillows, blankets as well as valuable collectible items. The online retail giant Amazon.com attracts millions of shoppers looking for this type of antique furniture from a bygone era. They attract customers who prefer making their purchases online because of the customized buying experience as well as the special offers. They sell a massive range of products, from CDs to toys to food, garden supplies and furniture, and Lane cedar chests are one of their top sellers, particularly for those wanting an item with a nostalgic past.


Where did it Start for Lane Cedar Chests?

People interested in buying these exquisite chests want to know that their chests are the real Ad for Lane cedar chestsCredit: http://www.amazon.com/1939-Cedar-Chests-Clothes-Gifts/dp/B005DH2NJQ/thing and they have been manufactured by Lane. The way to recognize the genuine Lane chests is by the small brass plate saying it is a Lane cedar chest. Edward Lane started making cedar chests in 1912, making use of the Southern Railway to transport the cedar chests as well as other furniture to market.

All those years ago the Lane Company was first known as the Standard Red Cedar Chest Company, and today Lane, as the company is now known, is one of the biggest producers of cedar chests, now being made at the much newer and more modern Lane facilities. Lane's headquarters are in Altavista with the Southern Railway still bringing the raw materials to the plant. They have other plants in Rocky Mount as well as Smyrna, Tennessee.

Lane Cedar Chests are Both Decorative and Functional

The sawmill produces 90% of Lane's cedar panels from logs. By 1922 the company started advertising nationally and at the same time they started producing cedar chests seriously with fine cabinet- wood exteriors in mahogany and walnut, producing some 200 to 300 chests a day. The chests, with cedar panels inside, had hardwoods and veneers specially chosen for beauty of grain. Customers started ordering Lane cedar chests not only for their functionality but for decorative purposes too. Today the company has millions of customers looking to benefit from owning the beauty of Lane cedar chests as well as other stylish furniture.

Lane cedar chestCredit: author's own image

If you are one of the lucky owners of one of the first Lane chests made all those years ago, you can contact Lane furniture to get any information you need about your antique Lane cedar chest. Supply them with the serial number on the chest and they will be able to supply you with the actual date of manufacture. If you want to own one of these beautiful storage chests, made from different woods, Amazon.com offers a wonderful collection of Lane Cedar Chests or 'hope chests' reminding us of a romantic time in America when, during World War II, GIs leaving for service would buy a Lane Chest for their sweethearts to fill up in preparation for marriage on their return. The awaiting bride would then fill up the chests with linens that she herself embroidered as well as silver spoons and other gifts.

The Brantley Cedar Chest by Lane from the Signature Series

Brantley Cherry Cedar Chest
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(price as of Jul 5, 2014)

Different Lane Cedar Chests Each Make Exceptional Gifts

People are looking all over to try and find antique Lane cedar chests coming up for sale in second hand shops, newspapers and the Internet. If they can't find the real thing, they are looking for similar Lane treasure chests on Amazon where they can find plenty of valuable information on these sought after storage items.

The Brantley Cedar Chest by Lane from the Signature Series, and priced at $332.99, is 18.75 inches in height and 40 inches in width. With oak veneers and an antique oak finish, this beautiful chest with two simulated drawers and pierced brass finished hardware is an ideal gift for anyone wanting to store items they treasure

The fantastic Anniversary Bench Top Cedar Chest is a popular choice, looking like an old treasure chest that pirates would steal off a sailing ship. Priced at around $407.00 and offering 4.2 cubic feet of cedar storage space, the chest has cherry veneers with a cherry finish, an upholstered top, attractive carved designs on the box, sturdy pierced brass finished hardware as well as simulated drawers. This beautiful treasure chest of 44 in length and 21.75 in height will look good wherever you decide to keep it in your home.

Anniversary II Cedar Chest by Lane

Cedar Chest Plans to Construct Your Own Treasure-Store

Do you want to build your very own lane cedar chests so that you can have a treasured and personalized gift to pass down from generation to generation? Cedar chest plans are downloadable from Amazon and provide easy step-by-step directions with diagrams on how to build your chest. Some people want to be able to build antique lane cedar chests, and the plans make provision for this, having been designed by experienced wood workers.

The plans come with a complete materials list as well as a tools list and each plan will indicate the level of carpentry skills required for the project. Included with the plans are tips and advice on how to put together different cedar chests without error, and which once completed, any DIY enthusiast will be proud to present as a treasured gift.

A Woodworking Plan and Instructions to Build a Heirloom Oak and Cedar Chest

Building a Cedar Chest with Emily and Grandpa