Antique Leather Furniture: Chairs and Sofas

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Of all the types of antique decor you can find out there, probably the coolest and certainly one of the most coveted designs is antique leather furniture. There is just something very cool and sophisticated about antique leather chairs and sofas. At the same time, these pieces have a ruggedness that doesn't evoke a stuffy attitude. A piece of nicely distressed antique leather furniture is just as at home in a cabin in the woods as in a high class sitting room. This flexibility means that antique leather sofas and chairs are very popular and diverse. 

This article is about a few styles of antique leather furniture which are especially popular, and the various ways you can find these pieces and utilize them in your space. I hope to explain the various options and alternatives you have for placement and use. 

Let's get started and learn more about antique leather furniture, chairs and sofas. 

Antique Leather Furniture: What To Look For

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Antique leather furniture is an interesting animal. Unlike other pieces of vintage furnishings, the antique leather furniture may require a bit more work than usual. The problem lies in the leather itself. Though it's a very hardy and durable material, it is at the same time easy to damage leather if it's not cared for properly. It is, after all, skin, and it requires a certain level of consistent moisture to maintain its strength, shape and durability. 

Since most antique leather furniture has gone through a period of neglect at some point (which inevitably happens over the years), the material may not be in very good condition anymore. Antique leather chairs or an antique leather sofa may require extensive leather restoration. If this doesn't work, the piece may need to be completely recovered. 

If you're lucky enough to find a piece with leather that's been properly cared for, you have a real find. Antique leather furniture with original leather in usable quality is quite rare; you should do your research and find out how to maintain it and keep that surface healthy for as long as you can! The cool thing about antique leather chairs is that the leather used will gain a certain 'patina' as it ages, getting cooler and more distinctive over time. 

Antique Leather Furniture: Chairs

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Antique leather chairs are among the most readily available pieces of leather-covered furniture in the antiques world. You can find leather bound dining room chairs all over the place. With less coverage, the material tends to weather the effects of use and time a little better. If the material isn't any good, you can usually remove the cushion section and easily recover it for very little cost. 

Antique leather chairs are best used with a table that has a bit of vintage quality to itself as well, but you can quite readily pair them with an ultra modern look if you do it properly. I would avoid mixing and matching brown and black tones, but again this can be done if you're daring about it. 

Antique leather chairs are good statement pieces to center a room. A gorgeous wingback leather chair with a distressed look is extremely appealing, and you will get an enormous number of comments on it. You'll want to properly treat the material before using it, because in these kinds of chairs water damage is fairly common, particularly if the leather hasn't been conditioned in a while. 

Antique Leather Furniture: Sofas

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The antique leather sofa is the classic statement piece. Not only is it comfortable, it's a show-stopper in the right setting. Antique leather sofas are extremely prone to water damage and spills, so get a good quality leather conditioner and protectant to mitigate any incidences. An accident or two is inevitable, just make sure to clean it up properly afterwards and it won't be too bad. 

You don't want too many 'wow' pieces in a room, and an antique leather piece of furniture as large as a sofa is definitely wow worthy, so be careful in your usage and placement. The nice thing about antique leather furniture and sofas is that they are, as I mentioned in my introduction, very flexible in their usage. They will match with almost any style and add cool points to a space, so you have a lot to work with!