Antique Leather Sofas

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In my humble opinion, there is nothing cooler than an antique leather sofa. It adds a totally unique feel to any space, and they practically exude cool. Yes, antique leather sofas require a reasonable amount of care to keep them in proper working order, and they are most likely either very expensive or require a lot of work to be brought back to life, but once you have it you'll possess a unique statement piece that's mighty comfortable too!

This article is intended to teach you about antique leather sofas and the different styles you can find out there. There's a type of sofa for everyone, and a size that will work in virtually any space if you're creative. 

Let's get to know antique leather sofas a bit more here!

Antique Leather Sofas: Queen Anne Antique Furniture

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A popular style for antique leather sofas out there is reproduction Queen Anne style furniture. Queen Anne furniture was developed during the reign of the aforementioned queen, and it has some telltale design cues, such as the cabriole leg, curving arms and back, wingback elements in chairs, and nicely cushioned seating.

Queen Anne antique leather sofas are especially popular because of the classic, curving look of the cabriole legs and the wingback elements. On top of that, Queen Anne is one of the most popular antique furniture styles because the profile and weight of these pieces is usually quite a bit lighter than earlier antique styles. They are statement pieces, but they won't be too difficult to move around, and they won't dominate a small space. 

And, as antique leather sofas go, this style is extremely comfortable, you fit into it like a glove!

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Antique Leather Sofas: Chaise Lounge

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The chaise lounge is another great choice when considering purchasing antique leather sofas. The chaise lounge is actually properly known as the 'chaise longue', a french term. This particular piece pictured above is Victorian in origin. The premise behind an antique leather chair of this sort is that you can use it regularly as a sofa, or you can lounge out on it and read a book or take a nap.

As antique leather sofas go, this one is very cool, but demands a very specified use. I wouldn't make this the key sitting arrangement in your space because it's hard for more than one person to enjoy it at a time. However, if you have some space for it, it's a great place to sit and read while enjoying a coffee or glass of wine. Also, it's one of the very coolest pieces of antique leather furniture you can find. They are expensive though...

Antique Leather Sofas: Tête-a-Tête Sofa

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I had to throw this one in the mix because it is so extremely cool! The tête-a-tête antique leather sofa is a unique, specific use sofa that can work in some spaces. The concept is simple, and old: the sofa is arranged so that the two people sitting in it either face each other or sit facing opposite directions. You do not sit side by side in this setting. 

Tête-a-tête antique leather sofas are pretty cool, and really stand out. They can comfortably occupy the center of a larger room, or bisect it and accommodate a unique sitting style. That said, they are probably not the most practical piece of antique leather furniture you can find, so choose this one carefully. 

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Antique Leather Sofas: The Chesterfield

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My personal favorite of the antique leather sofas out there is the chesterfield. Yes, they are large and bulky, and you need a lot of space to adequately show it off, but it's an antique leather chair with a ton of character, and it's hard to find a more comfortable sitting arrangement.

The hallmark of the antique leather chesterfield is the way in which it is stuffed, with the many small 'buttons' holding down pockets of stuffing. They sometimes come with wheeled feet for ease of moving around, but you likely won't want to move this beast after you find it a home! 

Antique Leather Sofas: Lots of Options

There are a ton of other antique leather furniture styles out there, so do some research and you're bound to find something that matches your unique tastes! Plus it's a lot of fun to peruse the images, so go look around and enjoy!

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