Looking at the antique perfume bottles Avon produced many years ago can be an interesting lesson in  history. Avon began as a fragrance company in New York City way back in the late 1800’s. At first, the company was called the California Perfume Company.  The name was later changed to Avon. By the early 1900’s, Avon products were already becoming popular.

Vintage Avon Perfume Bottles Showcase Marketing Genius

No other company other than Avon has managed to come up with so many unique and interesting bottle designs to hold their various colognes and perfumes.  The Avon company set themselves apart when they decided to make perfume bottles that could double as decorative figurines. Whoever thought of this idea was truly a marketing genius.

Collecting Antique Perfume Bottles From Avon Is Popular

Finding, buying and selling Avon collectibles is a popular pastime for many perfume bottle collectors. Many vintage perfume bottles from Avon aren’t worth a lot of money, but people still enjoy having a relic from the past. One of the most fascinating aspects of collecting antique perfume bottles is being lucky enough to find one that still has a bit of perfume left in the bottle. For a vintage perfume lover, this is like having an old bottle of some rare wine from the past in their collection.

Vintage Avon Cologne And Perfume Bottles For Men And Women

Not only did Avon make some really cute and unique cologne decanters for women and girls, they also made fragrance bottles to appeal to men in the shape of various masculine figurines like pipes, tractors, cars, horses and even guns.  Men’s cologne decanters from Avon are collected by men who are into antique bottles, vintage glass and even art deco and glass sculpture.

The history of Avon as a company is that of the American dream. Someone decided to start a small fragrance business that has blossomed into one of the largest fragrance companies in the world. Nowadays, Avon isn’t making as many decorative figurine cologne bottles as they used to. Avon perfumes are evolving into celebrity-endorsed products that come in standard fragrance bottles.

Looking  for antique and vintage Avon perfume bottles means searching around on the Internet or scouting antique shops and vintage bottle markets for old cologne figurines. Vintage perfume bottles from Avon are coveted by many because they are a beautiful reminder of an era gone by. Some may not be worth much, but think how interesting it would be to have an old cologne figurine from Avon that was popular way back in 1945. If anything, hunting around neighborhood flea markets to buy vintage perfume bottles cheap can be a fun thing to do as a hobby.