Pewter Wine Goblets: Classic Glasses for Modern Times

Steeped in ancient history, the 'modern' era of roughly the 11th to 12th centuries re-named the pewter drinking vessel known as a 'chalice' to a 'pewter wine goblet.'

Declining in use during the 1700's and 1800's, the pewter wine goblet adapted to the most popular 20th century version of a combined pewter and crystal work of functional art.

Rarely seen in households other than upper class, the pewter chalice stood as a symbol of power, opulence, myth and fantasy. The most famous being 'The Holy Grail' which was believed to be the vessel Jesus drank from during the Last Supper.

The German's Nuernberg Bridal Cup and the famous Castle Ruedesheim Toasting Cup. The work of Paul Revere. The mythical fame brought to the fantasy of 'Lord of the Rings' and the legends of Camelot and the days of King Arthur. All these famous tales of fantasy and lore lend one a feeling of taking a drink from history and legend when drinking from a pewter vessel.

Often encrusted with family jewels and rare stones, the pewter wine goblets owned by blue blood families and royalty are traditionally handed down as heirlooms through the centuries. Amazing works of art carved into each piece, encasing the riches of the family and holding them safe to stand the tests of time. It is not uncommon to see a family's crest or seal carved somewhere into the goblet.

The composition and care of pewter goblets:

The origin and composition of pewter is now a mix of alloys.

Early pewter contained a combination of tin and lead. Once the properties of lead were found to be harmful to human health, tin and aluminum are now mixed with antimony and copper.

The great skill of early craftsman reveal a wide range of art forms and expression in historic pewter goblets. The soft metal combinations allowed for greater working time, enabling the master craftsman to literally carve works of fine art into his pieces.

The 21st century brings pewter craft into the world of collectibles. The 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy being one of the most popular. The 'Glorfindel' goblet, 'Frodo's' and 'Galadriel's goblets all are highly sought after pewter collectibles by fans of the Hobbit.

Pewter does not tarnish. Being a soft metal, it can etch or pit. Citrus acids and carbonated drinks should be avoided. As a soft alloy, pewter melts easier than other metals and should not be heated or put near open flame. Hand-swash rather than dishwasher clean and if your piece is a polished pewter, generally a soft rag wipe will be enough maintenance. Should you feel the need to polish, there are many pewter cleaning kits on the market, averaging around $3.00 to $10.00. A simple homemade paste of vinegar, salt and flour also works well.

The costs and uses of pewter drink ware:

The current day, average household finds modern pewter drinking vessels affordable. Ranging in price from $20 to a few hundred dollars each, this easy care and distinctive addition to your home bar is within the average budget's reach. A variety of pewter gift sites are found on the web, many with trusted and recognized industry names.

Red wine bowls, white wine flutes are available in solid pewter. Also wide ranges of pewter and glass combinations have become very popular. The metal alloy base and stem, when chilled prior to pour, hold the cool temperature of white wines. Likewise for the reds, room temperature alloyed stems prevent body warmth from heating the glass goblet.

The most notable special occasion to gift pewter is as a traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift. Pewter symbolizes the malleability of a pliable and interwoven relationship that has developed through adaptability and time.

When thinking of pewter wine goblets as a purchase for your lifestyle and home entertaining, you may also wish to look at purchasing other pewter wine accessories. Pewter bottle coasters, wine funnels, cork screws, drip rings, bottle stoppers and aerators are not only functional additions for daily use, pewter accessories are attractive and sure to gather attention from your guests.

The fast pace of our modern 21st century lifestyle is not as conducive to looking at the family heirlooms we may leave behind. Traditions are not as readily recognized to the young family just starting out, as they have been on historic levels. Fine pewter wine goblets, combined with pewter wine accessories or table serving ware are thoughtful gifts that symbolize traditions that withstand the tests of time."