Rattan furniture sets

Beautiful woven furniture

Antique Rattan Furniture For SaleAntique rattan furniture is very popular for its natural use and classic style. Some of the most beautifully designed and woven furniture comes from this material and you will find various forms from tables to complex chairs built from this material.

It can also be mixed with other wood and also the glass to create specific types of furniture like coffee tables and dinner tables. A lot of these pieces have come from Indonesia as this was where a lot of the talented people who made the furniture were from.

You will also find that countries such asAntique Chinese Rattan Furniture the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Bangladesh are amongst the other suppliers in the world although Indonesia supplies around 70% of the world markets.

Rattans is still used for making furniture today as is extremely strong and long lasting. You can also stain it with normal varnishes and also paint it just like wood. It is shapes similar to a bamboo plant but is slightly smaller and also a lot stronger. The inner core of the rattans can be extracted and used as wicker to make some fantastic pieces of antique rattan furniture.

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You will find this type of furniture very popular in a lot of countries throughout the world and especially the antique versions. With demand outstripping supply this type of furniture is becoming extremely rare as reforestation is extremely low.

Because of its durability is often used as garden furniture and looks really nice in the summer. A lot of people use the wicker chairs to put into their conservatory is as they are very comfortable and only need a styCheap And Vintage Rattan Furniturelish cushion to finish them off. A decent garden set can cost you up to $400 depending on how many pieces of furniture you are after.

You can also complement your furniture by buying other accessories like antique rattan mirrors and minibars. A lot of people furnish their holiday homes in this material is it gives a very exotic feel to a house.

Where can you find the best examples of antique rattan furniture?

The best place to search for something that is going to suit your tastes is to go online. The reason is because you will have a choice of many websites that will sell this type of furniture. Do expect to pay relatively high prices for antique pieces especially if they are a mixture of normal and wicker rattan, a lot of it is handmade so this pushes up the prices too.

There are also antique shops you can visit in your local area who may also be able to source certaiStylish Rattan Furniture Setn pieces for you. But make sure that you are not buying a replica or poor quality piece.

As there are many other uses for this plants and supply is becoming very short the prices of antique rattan furniture will start rise. If you want quality handmade pieces then it is important that you do your research first into the companies that you buy from making sure that what they are supplying is not only a very high quality but also authentic.