Are you looking for more information on antique rings? There are plenty of beautiful new rings available for purchase on the market today, but there is something special about buying an antique ring, either as a collectible or for such special occasions as a wedding or engagement.

Buying an antique ring requires a different type of appreciation of jewelry crafting, however, than buying modern pieces. Being mindful of the fashion of the time period your selected ring comes from and the criteria for judging quality is critical in selecting your ring.

The primary criteria for judging stones in antique rings are the same as they are for modern pieces, but the way that criteria is judged is rather different. Features like the cut of the ring, now done by laser, were done by hand in the past and so the same degree of perfection cannot be expected. Other criteria, like the number of carats (the size) of the diamond or stone in the ring, are similar to today's standards. Size is a physically immutable quality, although during certain time periods, particularly in the 1930s and '40s, illusion settings created a stone that was really smaller than it appeared.

When choosing an antique diamond ring, be mindful of this type of setting. In selecting an antique ring, like selecting any piece of jewelry, a factor like the quality or clarity of the stone in the ring is important. A clear stone is a sign of generally good crafting since it implies care in selecting the stone. Color goes along with clarity in many cases, but is also a case of time period competing with personal taste. Depending on the era, you will find a preponderance of rings of a particularly color as was the vogue. All of these criteria are very important in determining things like monetary worth in antique rings or in selecting a ring that is of a high quality.

However, there are other important features to antique rings that standard values of worth cannot measure. Antique engagement rings are often family heirlooms, something passed down and presented not only for their beauty, but for the sentimental value of the piece. Giving or receiving an antique ring of this sort, rather than one selected particularly for this purpose, can make almost any piece highly valued because it carries a story. Not every antique ring is selected by a modern eye, but every antique ring was once itself a modern piece chosen for someone and that history is equally important. Antique rings are timeless pieces among jewelry. Still treasured and beautiful after so many years and often much more unique than a modern jewelry store find, they have an artistic quality, the clear touch of the hand of the maker that is set upon them.

To wear an antique ring upon your finger is to wear someone else's story, a bit of fashion and jewelry history, and the care of understanding that past. Such a simple ornament may hold a vast store of qualities ranging from stone size to color, but the quality of greatest value is the long history, true or imagined, of that ring's past as it made its way to you.