There are people who enjoy having in their homes antique furniture. It gives style to the room in which the pieces of furniture are placed into. That is why in this article I will speak about this kind of objects. Actually I will speak about one piece in particular, which is the roll top antique desk. This type of desk emerged on the market in 1850, and his creator is Abner Cutler. It is a very interesting piece, because of its features and functionality, and of course for its design which is a very interesting one. Before this desk, were other kinds of desks on the market, also with interesting designs, such as the pedestal desk or the cylinder desk. But the one we are talking about now was the most appreciated.

The secret of this desk is the tambour, which provide us the possibility to hide the desk, when we are not using it. The original desk was an inspiration for the future creations on this field. So all of them are following the same pattern. When you want to be sure that the piece you are buying it is an original antique, and you are not such an expert in these kind of things, you can fallow the price. A real antique will never be cheep. So, do not try to fool yourself, thinking that you might found a cheep treasure, because it is not true. You just found a fake. Of course every rule can be broken, and you might find these antique roll top desks, at smaller prices on vintage stores, but if you search for quality, you will spend thousands of dollars.

When you want to buy such a product you must be careful at several aspects that might raise the price. And if these features, that I am about to speak, are real, it deserves all the money. So we must take in consideration the age the small roll top desk has. Because if it is an old one it can be more valuable. Also we must find out if there are many desks like the one we want to buy. Its rarity can also be very valuable. If the desk was owned by some kind of personality and it has the necessary paper to prove it, can raise the price allot. It is very important that the desk has most of the original parts on it, and its present condition. Because I do not think you want a broken antique. More complicated the design is, makes it more interesting, and if is manually done it could be a treasure.