Antique Style Engagement Rings

Vintage, Classic Engagement Rings

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Choosing your engagement ring is a bamboozling thing (particularly if you're picking it out for someone else!) I had a heck of a time picking out a ring for my fiance. I did look at a lot of antique style engagement rings, and I ended up going with a tiffany styled ring that looks quite classic. I love antique style engagement rings! So cool, so unique! There are a few different types and trends that seem to be particularly popular, and I'm going to go over them here.

The first choice, which I'll cover here, is the type of gold. White gold seems to be the classic for the vintage style engagement ring, but yellow gold is very good too, especially for a really vintage look. You should probably check out the skin tone of the person you're buying for, and choose a gold that matches their style. 

Antique Ring Settings:

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

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There are a lot of different ring settings out there (as I recently learned!) but there are a few particular kinds that make up antique style engagement rings. Antique ring settings are usually quite delicate, and there can be a handmade quality about them. 

The solitaire is the classic antique ring setting. One thing that differentiates this from modern solitaires is the thin and stylized band. Modern rings tend to be a bit chunkier and have a more machined look, with square-ish edges. 

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Next in the list of antique ring settings is the 'halo' style ring. In this setting, the center stone is set very flush and deep into the band, and surrounded by a ring of smaller stones. The effect is subtle, and twofold: the ring is much sparklier than it would be otherwise, and it can make a smaller stone look much larger than it is. It's also a fantastic antique style engagement ring, as these were popular in the earlier parts of the 20th century.

3 stone engagement rings are not as popular as they were, but I'm convinced they're going to come back. They are a highly vintage look, and were popular in the middle of the 20th century. Plus there's more diamonds, what's not to like about that? 

Antique Style Engagement Rings: Stone Choices

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Antique style engagement rings also come with a choice of center stone. That's right, not all wedding rings must come with the ubiquitous white diamond. That trend is actually more modern than you might think, it's only been in vogue for the last 100 years.

The diamond itself comes in a variety of colors. In fact, you can find colored diamonds to be much less expensive sometimes. Antique style engagement rings used to have different style stones. 

Vintage style engagement rings even tended to eschew the diamond altogether, opting for a sapphire (made recently popular by the royal wedding!), the emerald, and even a large pearl. I've seen dazzling vintage style engagement rings that had a pearl center stone, they really stand out!

Antique Style Engagement Rings: Look For Real Antiques

If you're really dedicated to the antique style engagement ring idea, try finding real antique rings! They're all over the place, they tend to come at a slightly cheaper price tag, and they come with a story. Your parents or grandparents might even have rings.

My brother gave his wife my grandmother's ring (although he had it cleaned, reinforced and upgraded slightly), what a cool thing to do! If you can't find a vintage style engagement ring in the family, try antique shops. Trust me, you'll find a gem!