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While some people like to look towards the future and see themselves as contemporary, others like things from the past such as music, décor, and style. And though there are a lot of beautiful contemporary or modern wedding rings in the market, some prefer the antique style. What exactly are antique wedding bands? When would you consider a set as antique? There are many different opinions out there but generally, when a wedding ring is at least 50 years old, it is considered an antique.

Types of Wedding Bands

Antique wedding bands have several styles. The most common are Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco.

Victorian Antique Wedding Bands

The Victorian wedding ring is a style that originates from the period of Queen Victoria. It is very traditional and conservative. While you might be thinking that this might mean an elaborate style, the Victorian wedding ring can also be simple wedding rings with elegant but not so elaborate designs. These rings are usually made out of yellow or rose gold and have small diamonds surrounded by precious gem stones.

Edwardian Style Antique Wedding Bands

The Edwardian style comes from the age of King Edward. Though these are also traditional, compared to the Victorian style, it has a slightly more modern look. This style tended to be more flamboyant because of the influence of romantic literature during that time period.

The type of metal commonly used for this ring is platinum as this was widely available during that era and became popular not only as a setting for a stone but as a complete piece of jewellery.

Diamonds were also very popular at that time although other gems such as emeralds, amethysts, and black opals were also used.

The Edwardian style also includes the filigree design. Filigree is a delicate ornamental design that is made using metalwork. The design can be customized and can have many variations. A simple filigree design is when the pattern is located in only one area of the ring. A complex filigree design is more detailed and may have several integrated patterns.

A multiple filigree design has several patterns in several areas of the ring. Lastly, a multi-tone filigree makes use of contrasting metals to show off each part of the design, more than it normally would had it been made using only one metal.

Art Deco Antique Wedding Bands

One other type of antique wedding bands is the Art Deco Style that became popular before World War II (during the 1920s). This originated in Paris and symbolized a big change from the traditional rings of the past towards a more modern style: the change to the modern industrial age.

Art Deco wedding bands are simpler wedding rings with a sleek geometric design (geometric shapes and sharp angles).

Contrasting colors are also prominent in this antique style, usually one central gem surrounded by other stones.

Another prominent feature of this style is that it usually used platinum as its metal because it was considered a modern metal which was in line with the Art Deco way of thinking.

These three types of antique wedding bands are the most well-known and well-loved by married couples. As they are old, they can be quite expensive. But if you’re cool with a replica, there are plenty out there to choose from.

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