Designers of modern log homes in addition to owners of ranches find antler chandelier fantastic for adding to the rustic beauty of their room designs. Antler chandeliers have an organic quality to them due to the randomness of the antler's shape, so it's bold aesthetic goes well with ranch style interiors. You'll feel sophisticated and warm with an antler chandelier over your head to bring the look of the room together. No matter what kind of room you are in, an antler chandelier will emphasize its best qualities.

You'll find antler chandeliers made of fake antlers in certain places, but mostly these chandeliers are constructed of real horns from a stag. Fake antler chandeliers are the best bet for people who can be offput by the prospet of real horns over their head.

The chandelier's size and the type of beast with the antlers you want are some of the biggest concerns when looking into buying an antler chandelier.

The more expensive antler chandeliers are the ones completely handmade, with real antlers in them for excellent authenticity. If you use the real antlers, your home will feel more organic and in tune with nature, not to mention sophisticated. Antler chandeliers often come from the hands of gifted artisans, who will inject their style into each example of their work.

Fake antler chandeliers are also an option if you like. Because they're produced in a factory to specifications, they'll be more inexpensive while still appearing genuine.

Do your homework in order to determine which particular antler chandelier works well for your decor, as there are many different kinds out there. There are certain atmospheres that don't lend themselves well to an antler chandelier being added to it. If your room is large with a high ceiling, you can invest in a large, multi-tiered antler chandelier, but smaller rooms should think reasonably. Cabins, lodges, ranch homes, or any place with a stark atmosphere will be perfect candidates for the addition of an antler chandelier. Install them in the most natural and rustic-looking rooms in your home, against textures like wood, steel, and stone, or above a mantelpiece.

Other antler related products will obviously match it well; get a lamp or some furniture with antlers on it to enhance the look. If you place an antler chandelier effectively, your house will be made more beautiful and homey. Any guests you may have will look in awe at your wonderfully decorated rooms, and feel at home. Antler chandeliers may serve to become the perfect unique complement to your home, completing the look and enhancing its atmosphere.

Keep in mind, however, that the antler chandelier may not work for certain atmospheres and design conceits, looking out of place. Surrounding an antler chandelier with candles may not be a good idea, as its a hardy element providing too stark a contrast. Antler chandeliers can be too bold an element to place in a delicate, soft, feminine sort of room, so put that in consideration. Ranch homes and manly aesthetics fit better for an antler chandelier.

Specific design aesthetics are perfect for antler chandeliers. If you have a mountain cabin, be sure to invest in one, as it'll look perfect with the design of the home. Tables, couches and other furniture benefit from their look as well.

There's an unofficial title for the light that enamates from a well-placed antler chandelier. Owners of chandeliers call that light "the western glow," evidenced by the era of time the light reminds one of; you can put this light to use in many ways, from making a warm, comfortable, romantic atmosphere for friendly times, or using the light with the antlers to create a tense, spooky atmosphere.

You can take care of an antler chandelier simply. Just dust every once in awhile, polishing it in order to keep it shiny. With all its great attributes, it's no wonder that Antler Chandelier are becoming more frequently used to enhance the look of one's room.