Your body is a magnificent creation. No matter what kind of stimulus the environment produce, it always presents a suitable amount of reactions to reciprocate it accurately. This is commonly regarded as anxiety or fear of the indefinite.

  I guess anxiety is already not that new to us. Remember the time when you transferred to a new school? Or the time when you were about to give your very first public speech? How about the time when we were about to meet our crush along the school hallway? Yes, the feelings of nervousness or butterflies are definitely manifestations of anxiety.

Anxiety is always subjective. It means each and every one of us has its own interpretation of it. It is part of our emotional aspect that happens when our ego feels pressured or coerced by something unidentified. Thus, it is fear of the indefinite.  It may seem ambiguous especially before new situations.

Anxiety is different from fear itself.  As we all know, when we feel fear, there is a certain target object of fear. Unlike anxiety, we are not certain to what we are exposed on but still we feel the same as fear itself.

When the ego gets provoked, we must remember that there is a gradual elevation and depression of reactions. Anxiety does not peak in an instant. There are stages:

1. Mild anxiety

It is said that it is the most productive state since it gives the person wide perceptual capacity, higher learning field and effective decision-making skills.

2. Moderate anxiety

This is quite climactic already for the sake of giving the person a narrowed version of perception and decreased attentiveness.

3. Severe anxiety

It is already a dangerous level since most experience already scattered perception and emotional crisis may arise such as excessive crying, shouting and feelings of dread. Many people experiencing these may tend to do self-activities to relieve of their own anxiety which are bound to be ineffective.

4. Panic

This is the pinnacle of anxiety. There is a definite loss of rationality and the person only perceives himself. Occurrence of delusions may undergo. The person is definitely in a distorted state.

Now, if we ever felt anxious, we must not forget the most basic thought to overcome such situation. Stay calm and rest assured, the better will follow. One must stay positive and see new experiences as part of our learning to strive for self-development.


Anxiety is a normal reaction of our body. It occurs whenever our body senses an incoming threat or aggression. In order to fulfill the actions of our unconscious, one must understand the significant features of this general experience.