If you experience anxiety on a regular basis you probably know there are a variety of medication you can take to treat your ailment, but are also wary of resorting to drugs to treat a recurring condition and are looking into the various anxiety herbal cures. What are they and most importantly do they work? Anxiety has been affecting people for a long, long time. Anxiety often arises when the person feels he or she cannot cope with the challenges of every day life. Anxiety can come in bouts or be quasi chronic in some individuals.

There are various degrees of anxiety, its symptoms can range from mild to very severe. Anxiety can provoke other ills like depression and or fatigue. If you are chronically anxious it could be a good idea to consult with an health professional as it could be that you suffer from hormonal imbalance or hyperthyroidism. At any rate, you are looking for anxiety herbal cures to treat your anxiety. It is a wise choice as mother nature as plenty of tricks up its sleeve to alleviate anxiety the natural way. What type of herbal remedies for anxiety are out there?

From teas to capsules anxiety herbal cures can be taken in a variety of ways, with herbal teas being the most popular option. The most widely use product to treat anxiety naturally is valerian. Valerian is a perennial plant originally native of Europe and parts of Asia. Valerian tea, extracts or other derivatives as relaxing effects on the body. Because it can make you sleepy, it shouldn't be taken before driving or doing any activity which demand an hightened sense of awareness. Valerian has been used for a long time for its soothing properties.

Other herbal teas which can alleviate your anxiety are passion flower tea, vervain tea and chamomile teas. There are many other herbs that can be used too but these herbs we've just talked about are widely available in any supermarket. If tea is not a practical solution for you (you will need to drink 3-4 a day) then capsules or extracts will be best.

Taking a long hot bath can also have very relaxing effects not only on the body but also on the mind. For maximum effect you can use soothing scents, aka aromatherapy, while taking your bath. Dim the lights and play your favorite music and you will be in for a very relaxing time indeed. Well known soothing scents include eucalyptus, juniper and ylang-ylang however this is a personal choice and you will have to try a few fragrances and pick one you like. While they are not exactly anxiety herbal cures, long hot baths taken the way described could be just as effective so try it for yourself!