Some people love running. Some people don't. Sorry but it's a fact. However, we know running has so many benefits in terms of fitness, stress relief and raising money for charity. So how can you make that run a bit more fun?

This is my 3 step programme to turning yourself from a reluctant jogger to an enthusiastic runner.

Step 1: Set realistic goals
If you are just starting out running, you need to understand that you won't become an Olympic athlete overnight. Set a distance that you want to achieve, or a time you want to keep running for. Make it a challenge but achievable. For example, a new runner might set the task of completing a mile. Build your distance gradually and keep some sort of diary of your progress. If you can see you are progressing, either in speed, distance or both, it will motivate you to keep going! If you fail to achieve a goal, remember it's not the end of the world. You can get yourself back on track, which is just as much of an achievement! I think it often helps to run in the morning, as you get it done early and don't have to spend the day thinking about it and working up to it, but if you prefer to run in the evening, go for it, as you're more likely to stick to it if you go at a time which suits you best. Try and build running into your routine so plan how often you're going to run in the week and when.

Step 2: Turn your negative thoughts positive
When you're running, you might find yourself thinking about things which aren't going to motivate you. Every time you have a negative thought, argue with it!
I hate running uphill, but it makes the downhill bits feel even easier.
That person's running faster than me, but maybe they're on a shorter run. They might be more experienced than me, so I could be running at that speed soon if I keep going. And anyway, who said this was a race?
I feel really out of breath, but that means my body's working and I'm telling it to adapt and get more efficient, so my fitness will improve in the long-term.
It's raining, but that means I get a cooling shower as I run!
I feel like it's impossible for me to make it round, but I know it isn't because I've achieved this distance before and I know I'm improving.

Step 3: Find something to motivate you
There are loads of things you could use as motivation
Get some music at a decent beats per minute and most importantly that you enjoy. If you're not into music, find a comedy podcast to listen to as you run or tune into your favourite radio station. Give yourself something to focus on other than the run.
Find a partner to run with you who is a at a similar level or agrees to go at your pace.
Find a race or charity event to work towards and keep reminding yourself of how long you've got.
Get some trendy running clothes. If you look the part you'll feel like a proper runner and hopefully run like one too!
Change your route regularly. You don't always have to follow the same running route. Use a website like to map out your own routes and find routes other people have mapped in your area. If you live near the countryside or a beach, why not take yourself on a little trip to run somewhere with better scenery?

So, I hope I've helped you to understand how you can make running enjoyable, not just a chore. Please leave a comment if you have any of your own tips!