Getting the best apartment for your money does require some work and special attention to detail. You will need to focus on a few items in order to accomplish this. We have listed some important features in your apartment home you will want to take into consideration before you put in your application.

Look Past The Square Footage

Many renters believe in their minds that they must have a certain square footage before they lease. But when searching for your next apartment home focus on how the apartment space is used. The total amount of space between doors, windows, and other features inside your home will make dictate how your furniture is arranged. When touring properties be sure and picture how and where you individual pieces may fit.

When you enter the bedroom play extra special attention where your bed will fit. Depending on the layout of the windows and doors might determine the best place for your bed.

Look at the placement of the windows in your apartment home. Sometimes windows are constructed low to the ground and this may limit the furniture you can place underneath them. Take special note of the telephone and cable jacks as this may determine where your phones and televisions sets will go.

Extra Storage

Many apartments have walk-in closets as buyers are being drawn to them. But what about extra outdoor storage? Many apartment communities will offer extra storage for a fee or storage closets on the balconies. Check to make sure there is enough closet space for all of your clothes and other personal items.

If you place all of them in the closets, have you just used up all of your apartment space?


Look at your appliances including the refrigerator, washer and dryer, and oven. How old are they? There are many energy efficient appliances which can save you money today.