If your about to sign a lease with your new apartment home, then you will want to be aware of what fees you must pay in order to secure your apartment unit. Its a good idea to call ahead before you tour the apartment in question and ask about their fees. That way you won't be upset or startled if the apartment requests higher fees than you anticipated. Also realize that apartments will not take cash. Most of them will take credit cards and checks. So be sure and ask for their methods of payment before you go out. Read on to discover what fees apartments will charge before your move in.

The Security Deposit

Everyone should be familiar with a security deposit. If your renting from a private owner, this will probably be equal to one month's rent. Some landlords will require first and last month's rent up front in addition to a security deposit. So if your think you are going to live in a private community, expect these fees before you move in.

One bonus of living in a public apartment community includes a low security deposit. Most apartment communities will only require a deposit of a few hundred dollars. And you won't have to pay las month's rent in advance. Be sure and ask your apartment community how much of the security deposit is refundable too. Security deposits should be returned to you 30 days after you move out.

Administration and Application Fees

Probably one of the most misunderstood fees. Administration fees can be a couple hundred dollars. Many renters simply don't know what its for. This is not an application fee. Application fees are usually around $45 for a single and $60 for a couple. Many apartment communities will waive the administration fee as a incentive to lease. But make no mistake, this is just a feee to pad the books for an apartment community.

If you complain enough, you might get these fees waived based upon your approval.