Searching for an apartment home can be more complicated than you can imagine. After you have looked at several apartment homes, they will all run together. But there are some techniques you can use to mitigate the dullness of the apartment search.

Here is a quick checklist that will help you keep things in order and minimize your stress levels during the apartment process. Find your new apartment with ease.

What do you want in a new apartment home? You will want to list all your priorities in order. From the apartment size to the features you would like, if write them all down you won't forget anything.

  • How much can your afford to spend on rent? Most apartments will require that you make between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent. When you tour a community and decide to apply, they will need a W-9, a letter from your employer, or bank statements.
  • Choose the area of town you want to call home. Many renters do drive around and end up applying at a property outside of their zone.
  • Talk to the apartment leasing agent and ask what is available in your price range and what amenities and features that their community offers.
  • Try and narrow down as many apartment communities as you can without visiting them. Maybe the community doesn't have anything available in your price range, or they don't accept pets. Whatever it is, try and narrow the properties down.
  • Before you go out touring apartments, take all the necessary information you need if you intend to lease an apartment. This will include a check book, social security card, past rental information, personal and professional references, and of course verification of income.
  • Before you leave your home bring a notepad and your list of priorities of features and amenities you require. When you tour the community be sure and write down anything that may be helpful so you can make a better decision. Some people even take a camera to take pictures

Bring a friend with you. They may be able to give you more information or at least their opinion. Good luck finding your next apartments.