Apartment-Size Furniture Ideas

Do you need some apartment-size furniture for your new place? Is your new apartment a one-bedroom, or even a studio? Is it too small for a full-sized dining table and a sectional sofa? Well, if it is, then you’re in the same boat as me. I recently moved out of a three-bedroom house and into a studio apartment. (In fact, click here if you want to learn how to sell furniture on craigslist; I made over $900 getting rid of old furniture that wouldn’t fit in my new place.)

Don't Despair!

The first thing I would tell you is don’t despair. Just because you can’t have huge furniture doesn’t mean your furnishings will be second-rate! Because apartment-size furniture tends to be smaller, it’s more efficient, and, I think, more charming. Just look at Europe. Just about everything is smaller in Europe than it is in the United States, and just look how cool their stuff looks.

Some Ideas

But you have to look for the right stuff. So with that in mind, here are a few ideas:

  • Get a bistro-style table instead of a big dining table. Not only do café-style tables carry all the charm and sophistication of a Parisian café, but you can stick them against a wall or in a corner and they’ll take up almost no space at all.
  • Get a coffee table that doubles as a dining table. There are coffee tables that can raise up toward you, giving you a convenient, kitchen-table-like surface to eat from. Perfect if you like to eat in front of the TV.
  • Get an elevated bed. This is a dorm-room staple; you elevate your bed and put a desk underneath it, for example. Twice the furniture in half the space!
  • Get some creative storage items. There are all kinds of clever shelves and storage devices out there. Some can be hung on the wall, or stuck in a corner. You can get shoe racks that hang in a closet, or storage bins that are designed to slide under your bed.
  • Consider getting a futon that folds into a bed. These don’t take much space, and don’t need a huge area to fold out, either. You can either use it as your own bed, or as a guest bed.
  • Consider getting a flat-screen TV and hanging it on the wall. Or, think about getting a projector instead, and mount it on the ceiling. We often underestimate how much space our TVs take up; using one of these strategies can save a lot more space than you might think.

Measure First!

Once you start looking, you’ll soon start to realize that the options are endless. Just make sure that you measure your rooms before you start buying things, and make sure your new furniture will fit in your apartment. Happy shopping!