I Can't Afford to Pay Rent - I Need Help

Apartments for low income single mothers are available in almost all cities and states.  If you are struggling to pay your rent or provide shelter for your children, there are some great government assistance programs that will aid you.  Listed in this article are just a few of the places you may want to look to get some help with housing.  You will find that many parents qualify, including dads and two-parent homes.  If you are a family that could use some assistance with rent, perhaps you should be looking at low income apartments for single mothers with children.  Listed below are some of the options you will want to explore in your search for help.


The department of Housing and Urban Development is well known to help out low income families and moms with children that are struggling to pay rent and find apartments they can afford.  The local department in your area likely provides several locations that will help you find affordable housing.  HUD is a great place to begin your search.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development might very well be your single best option to look at when you know you will meet income levels at, near, or below the poverty level.  You can apply online for the aid you need.

Section 8

Another government program that provides affordable housing options for moms and dads is Section 8.  These low income apartments for rent will be routinely inspected and kept in tiptop shape, so you’ll always have a safe and nice place to spend the night.  There is a good entitlement program that has helped many moms keep their sons and daughters in nice housing units that are affordable even for a very tight budget. Expect to fill out an application and provide proof of wages through W2’s and other tax related information, like paycheck stubs.

Subsidized Low Income Housing

This is generally done by making partial payment to the landlord by the state or local government.  It’s a great way to avoid eviction and in many cases, the payments can be backdated to help you get back to being current on your monthly rent.  It’s a great way to ensure your family has a roof over their heads.  This type of program is available in most areas, so single mothers will want to check out their local government to find out what’s out there.  You will only end up taking a little of your time to find out what types of programs you can apply for in your area for affordable housing on a tight budget.  Be sure to check it out.

Local Government Options

Try your local courthouse to get started.  You will find that even very rural areas have various assistance programs to help offset the cost of rent in most areas.  The Department of Housing or Department of Human Services is a good place to start.  You don’t have to be disabled or on SSI to qualify for help from most local government agencies, but you will typically need to meet low income restrictions, whether you are a single mother or not, when you are looking for subsidized housing and apartments.  When you are there, you are very likely to be introduced to some other government entitlement programs that help out single mothers or fathers and provide assistance for apartment or house rental.  This is often the single most effective way to find out what is out there in your specific location.

FAQ – How is Rent Determined?

This varies a lot.  In most cases, your rent will be based on a percentage of your gross pay.  Generally speaking, 40% is a common level.  So, if you gross $1000 per month, the rent payment would equal $400 monthly.  This is only a general guideline and it can be much less, and often is.  You won’t know until you get out there are ask around.

FAQ – Will it Impact Other Entitlement Programs?

It typically will not interfere with any other entitlement programs you are enrolled in.  In fact, in some cases, being enrolled in other programs can be gateway to getting into low income apartments in your area.  Single mothers may want to explore the other options they have when they need assistance in paying rent each month from a super tight budget.

FAQ – Are There Non-Government Places to get Help?

Of course you have some options other than government programs.  Local churches, civic groups and charities may help you pay your rent, but this will often be a one-time or short term assistance option.  Temporary help for needy families is out there and there are charities that help pay rent.  For long term solutions, those listed above will generally be a much better option to keep in mind.

FAQ – I Don’t Want to Move – Do I Have Options?

Yes.  You can use the previously mentioned non-governmental agencies or you can apply for subsidized housing locally, so you can get assistance and stay where you are right now, in many cases.  This is going to vary a lot by area, so be sure to check your local agencies to see what’s available.  In some cases, a move might be required for long term aid to be accepted and granted. 

FAQ – I Don’t Qualify – Now What?

If you don’t qualify for low income apartments for single mothers or needy families, you may want to explore some of the other types of assistance programs for parents and financially strapped families.  While food stamps, vehicle assistance, daycare help and other programs may not pay the rent, they can free up the funds needed to pay the rent.  Keep this in mind and look at things with eyes wide open to help yourself in your search for shelter to keep your kids in a nice environment and off the streets with the homeless.

Once you start exploring all the options there are for help with rent, you are sure to find that there are apartments for low income single mothers to fit almost any budget.