With the struggling economy these days more people are finding themselves unable to buy a home. That means many new people to the region are looking into apartments for rent in Hartsville, Tennessee. It is a pretty small area so finding information isn't always easy. Thankfully here in this article are some good details and contact information to get the ball rolling for that special search.

Hartsville Manor Apartments for rent in Hartsville, TNCredit: Robert Headley

Hartsville Manor Apartments

If you are looking for apartments or rental homes in the Trousdale County (37074) area then you will find there are few options. The Hartsville Manor Apartments are one of those options. But as with any rental property you are gonna have numerous things to consider so lets take a look at some of the pros and cons.

As far as the good things are concerned about renting one of these units the biggest thing is probably gonna be convenience. These units are located right in the middle of Hartsville within walking distance of the town square. You would be no more than a 1/2 mile away from the Fire Department, Police Station, Water and Electric companies etc. Something else is that you have some stores such as Fred's literally right across the street.

I will have to get updated information to be sure on these but from what I heard the pricing is probably the lowest in town. If you have been looking around then you know that is extremely cheap these days. There are places out there that are considerably more money that don't include any utilities.

So what are the cons of getting a rental unit at Hartsville Manor Apartments? Well for starters they don't look very nice from the road but the inside is really what matters. I can't speak about the residents since they are unknown to me but you are gonna have some questionable characters everywhere you go in this world.

Hartsville Manor Apartments
221 Broadway
Hartsville, TN 37074
(615) 374-2807

East Ridge Apartments for Rent in Hartsville, TNCredit: Robert Headley

East Ridge Apartments

So we have already taken a look at the Hartsville Manor Apartments in Trousdale County so now we will talk about East Ridge Apartments in the same area. As far as rental units of this nature go in Hartsville there are gonna only be about 3 options. I personally live pretty close to this property and know people that have lived there in the past as well.

So what are the pros and cons when thinking about becoming a renter with East Ridge Apartments? Well off the top we will take a minute and think about the good things. Maybe the best thing is that these are literally right next door to the Elementary School which is a comfort to some parents. But one of the things that may attract some people to this rental property is the fact that it is close to being in town with a little bit of that country atmosphere.

East Ridge Apartments
309 East Ridge Court
Hartsville, TN 37074
(615) 374-3583

Lock Six Landing Apartments

These are the Lock Six Landing Apartments that are on Sam Beasley Road over by the Elementary School and located directly next to the East Ridge Apartments. They look somewhat alike but have some little differences at least on the outside of the buildings.

I know a person that lives there and they had nothing bad to say about the area. They said that this property was pretty much bug free and that they hadn't had any problems with their neighbors in the building. That is about all you can ask for these days with some of the housing out there from town to town.

Lock Six Landing ApartmentsLock Six Landing Apartments for rent in Hartsville, TNCredit: Robert Headley
Sam Beasley Road
Hartsville, TN 37074

Kings Court Apartments

I remember growing up several of my friends lived at this rental property and it was always a seemingly nice place. That was a good 10 years ago or so but with that in mind I'm sure they can't be all that different today. If the past was any indicator these are certainly worth considering when looking for housing in the Trousdale County area.

I'm talking about the Kings Court Apartments in Hartsville, Tennessee. These are the ones located up on the hilltop behind the hospital over by the town square. So the good thing there is that should anything happen you are literally walking distance away from the town hospital. I haven't looked inside the smaller apartments but I do know that the 2-3 bedroom units at Kings Court had a decent amount of space.

Kings Court ApartmentsKings Court Apartments for rent in Hartsville, TNCredit: Robert Headley
Hartsville, TN 37074
(615) 374-2085