Left Behind Film Review

Left Behind Movie Review

Left Behind is a film I decided to view in order to give some variety to my post-apocalyptic movie viewing. I am not a Christian (or religious by any means), so watching this film was sort of a stretch, as I often could not hold back my laughter and amusement at the story behind this film, the Left Behind book series, and the general flawed theology behind the concept of the Rapture. With that said, the film was relatively decent when viewed as a story as opposed to something that could really happen in our world.

The nature of the apocalypse featured in this film involves the Rapture of Christians from the world which supposedly summons in the 7 year tribulation period of the End Times and the second coming of Christ. The world in this film is rather interesting, at least at first glance. The primary question being asked is: what would happen if millions of people around the world disappeared?

The result is rather catastrophic to say the least, as many accidents take place as people driving cars and airplanes crash, elderly people are left without anyone to care for them, and similar situations. This apocalyptic scenario is frightening because it does not come with much in the way of warning signs, unless you are of the Christian faith and specifically follow this End Times theology.

There is no formal resistance movement, though one could view anyone who is not a Christian to be in “resistance” against the Christian religion prior to the Rapture. The resistance is against God and his religion, and as a result we see many bad things occur which apparently can only happen if “evil” people are left to run amuck on the Earth.

Forestalling this apocalypse is not possible, however being one of the “chosen” to be Raptured is possible according to this tradition of Christian theology. Essentially, if one is a Christian, then they will be taken up with God and will not have to endure the hardships of the tribulation period.

The believability of this apocalypse is where this film’s concept lost me, as I am not a Christian myself and find the teachings on the Rapture to be some of the most absurd ones taught in the modern Christian church. The reality though is that many people believe that the Rapture will happen, and even more people believe the end of the world will be coming within the next 50 years or so. So in this respect, this apocalypse is “believable” to the extent that many people would seemingly believe something like this could happen. I for one do not believe it is possible at all, though.

The actions taken in this film seem reasonable to me, though much of the film is spent with the main characters that end up buried in the Bible and making sense of this apocalypse in this manner. This actually seems like a valid thing to do, considering how rampant this theology is. If millions of people disappeared, I would certainly think it could at least potentially be something like this.

The primary influence on this film is Christianity without a doubt. On the whole, I enjoyed this films concept when viewed as a work of fiction; however I cannot get over the fact that so many believe this to be the truth.

At the end of the day, I still enjoyed the movie Left Behind (featuring Kirk Cameron) for what it is worth. It has a intended audience and message, but the scenario on display is one that is at least very thought provoking from a post-apocalyptic literary standpoint.