Apogee HDMI Switcher

Uses for the Apogee HDMI Switcher:

If you have many High Definition sources you are attempting to display on one TV, you may not realize there are products designed to solve your exact problem. While many of the newest LED televisions come standard with 3 or 5 HDMI ports on the back, some TVs from the 2004-2009 era may only have one HDMI slot since the technology was relatively new at the time. Since many of the gaming and video devices we buy today require HDMI output, you may be faced with the dilemma of choosing which devices you want to hook up to your TV. The good news, is that for under $17 dollars, you can have many sources plugged into your TV with HDMI.

The difference between HDMI and DVI:

The apogee HDMI switcher only accepts signal in the "high definition multimedia interface." One solution you may have experimented with is trying to send multiple HDMI sources to your TV by converting the signal to DVI, or using the DVI jack on the back of your bluray player or gaming device. Most people don't realize that HDMI and DVI carry the exact same video signal, however DVI does not carry audio. That means you must either have an Audio/Video receiver to play the sound, or you must run a seperate cable to your TV to get sound.

The difference between an HDMI Switcher and an HDMI Splitter:

Although it can be subtle and confusing, there is a huge difference between a video switcher and a video splitter. An easy way to remember the difference is to think about how many TVs you are trying to use. If you have one TV and multiple devices you want a switcher, if you have one device you want to display on multiple televisions, you want a splitter.

The Apogee HDMI Splitter:

The Apogee HDMI splitter is a great solution if you are looking for an inexpensive way to view multiple devices on one TV, for example, a Bluray player, a PS3, and a digital video camera. Apogee is a California based company that specializes in importing inexpensive Chinese home theatre products and offering them to US customers at reasonable price. The Apogee HDMI splitter can switch between 3 devices with either the infrared remote control (it comes with the unit) or with the buttons on the top of the switcher. It requires no power to use, and features gold plated connectors for a great picture quality. It can also extend the range which you run your HDMI cables as it re-clocks the signal before sending it to the TV.

Weighing only 4 ounces and looking about the size of a photograph, the Apogee HDMI splitter is extremely compact and versatile. It features HDMI 1.3b compatibility which means it will work will almost every device available. It also includes a wired infrared receiver allowing you to keep the switcher hidden behind cabinet doors while still allowing the remote control switching functionality in tact. The best deals on HDMI switchers like the Apogee 3x1 can be found online at authority sites like Amazon.com.